Monday, December 14, 2009

End of year!

I had the most fantastic evening last night with my class.
It was our last evening for the year and let me tell you these girls are the best!
We had a little Christmas Party - I made my famous "little boys in underpants" ( dont ask ) and we had cake and biscuits and even Christmas Crackers with silly hats and even sillier jokes!

We talked about the story of the Christmas Tree, the history behind Carols, cards and more.

We shared, talked and discussed adding some things to the course.
I think we would have to have another class per week to fit it all in! But everything is do- able and even though we are grateful for the break, and we all certainly need it, we will look forward to get back into it.

Thank you girls for a great first half - I promise you lots of fun and more learning is ahead!

I will be heading down to visit mum and check out the new facilities and make sure that she has settled in - boy I can't wait ( not )...


Wendy said...

Yes, it was a wonderful night - thank you for making it so special. The gifts were a lovely surprise and I have actually started on my assignment already - now that has to be a first so you can tell how excited I am about it!

wykd wytch said... have to get an award.....I will just have to think of one to give you!

Michelle said...

You can come and have my life if you like :)

Glad you are enjoyig your class so much


Lisa said...

most excellent- you are a wonderful teacher xx

Jewell said...

yes love those little boys in pants!!!!

and you are a more wonderful teacher...i really love how you always come back to us if you dont know or are not sure about things...and you explain the hards bits very well..

love you xxxx


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