Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life waits for no man.

I have taken a short break from writing our Lammas ritual for tomorrow night for the Cottage" to contemplate, for a moment, (cause contemplation can give you a headache)just how life rolls on regardless of what is going on.
When the man was told he had cancer last year, it was my darkest time. I needed the world to stop spinning, or at least slow down, so I could "get a grip", but it didn't. Actually, the days steam rolled along at break neck speed as if to say,
"Hurry up...make some choices, do something, work it out and do it now!"
It's been a week since Calendar Club finished and I have not had time to breath - I have swung into Cottage life and my days are once again filled to overflowing.
I was supposed to have time to think....but I haven't.
So it's time to go forward and not back.
Yes, this IS Good.
Tiring, but good.
And I am very lucky - all is well.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

School starts!

Today was D-Day!My baby started High school!
Yes...she was very nervous, but when we got there we immediately found her friend and from then on she was fine.
I couldn't wait for her to get home to hear about her day.
She liked it - it was a whole new system.
Most impressive event? She got a locker at school.
I am very happy for her.
I hope she still likes it in a week's time.
It is still sooo hot isn't it.
I can't function in weather like this.
Actually, I am finding it hard to adjust to the change now that I am not doing Calendar Club.
I feel I should be doing something...but I don't know what?
Did a Goddess Circle at the Cottage last night with Leanne - she was really good!
I recommend it.It should be a fun group!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two days before High School!

Our baby girl is starting High School this Tuesday.Wow!
We asked her today if there was anything that she would like to do on her last days of "freedom".We thought that she might want to go out somewhere, see a movie, go for a drive to Nelson Bay, etc...but no, it was "more internet time" and "let's go to Graphic Action" ( which is a store in town specialising in Manga and graphic art).
Yes...we have a serious computer geek in our midsts.
I suppose it IS my fault.As the man pointed out, I used to sit her on my lap, cause she was too small to sit at the computer on her own,when she first started.How old was she? Four or five I think.
She does look so grown up in her new uniform. Let's hope that she actually learns to do some study this year....dont worry Aleks I will MAKE sure that you study!

My mother in law fell over on Saturday night while going to the toilet just before midnight and managed to break her foot in three places.She had an operation yesterday and had plates put in and is now recovering.We went to see her yesterday at the John.She is a private patient - yet there were no private beds available so she was in a room with three other people.When the man asked whether she would be transferred at some stage to a private room, he was told that probably not.So much for paying for private health care.We walked into a room chockers full of people visiting the other patients and mum in law was still groggy and fuzzy having just had the op.How delightful.I would really appreciated my privacy at that point, especially if I was going to hurl or was yelling in pain or something - but no, lets just pop you into a room with another 20 people so that you can hurl on public display!

Another week begins!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"An Inconvenient Truth"

Isn't this the most amazing picture ever taken?

I spent the afternoon of Australia Day ( Happy Australia Day everyone!!)watching Al Gore's doco called "An Inconvenient Truth".
I thoroughly endorse watching this fascinating movie.
Al Gore has been on his quest to educate us on the issues of global warming for over 20 years!I certainly did not know that.I wonder what the world would be like if he HAD won the last election? Mmmmm....
A president who is an environmentalist, and who knows what he is talking about!
What a shame, it didn't happen.

PLease get yourself a copy of this dvd ( I now have one ) and watch it. Educate yourself.Make yourself aware and pass it on to your friends.
By the's bloody hot outside, isn't it?
Off to see the fireworks tonight.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Rose Cottage" Neopagans

"Rose Cottage" Neopagan Community.
Well, I have been talking to our intrepid leader about a small change of name for our group for the new year.
It has been approved by Lisa, but I will definitely be running it past the girls and boys tonight for a general rating and see what people think.
It broadens our spectrum of involvement and makes us more than just pagans, witches, etc..

If you look at the explanation of the word "neopagan" from wikipedia it is as follows,
The term "Neopagan" is used by academics and adherents alike to denote Pagan traditions which are largely modern in origin, or which are conceived as reconstructions, continuations or revivals of ancient practices. While "pagan" (lowercase) is still used by many to denote an irreligious person, adherents of modern Pagan and Neopagan religions capitalize these words because, in these cases, the words are being used to describe a religion, or members of a religion, "in the same way as one would describe a 'Christian' or a 'Jew'."[2]

"Neopagans" provides a means of distinguishing between historical Pagans of ancient cultures and the adherents of modern religious movements. The category of religions known as "Neopagan" includes Wicca, Non-Wiccan Religious Witchcraft, Neo-druid faiths, and many others.[4]
So what do we all think?
Are we ready for this change?

Monday, January 22, 2007

What did I do today?

Could not sleep in - it was too darn hot!
Went to the toilet....many, many times.
Had buckets of water and coke.
Went to the toilet even more.
Saw my doctor.
Took my daughter to McDonalds.
Went to Centrelink with the man.
Spent hours in the garage doing "things" with calendars.
Spent more hours doing accounting for said calendars.'s 11.30 and I am on the computer blogging.
It's all good.
So great to be home!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

It has finally come..the last day.
Oh my goodness.I can hardly believe it. Tomorrow I am at home. Tomorrow I can drink as much water as I want and go to the toilet whenever I want.
My last day consisted of being spat upon from the upstairs balcony and watching Mr.Sunshine walk back and forth itching to get close, but not crossing the line.
Oh what fun...
I was blessed with a visit from my friend Sandy, who stopped and had morning tea with me.
I then removed everything that I could, cut all the cable ties that were connecting the stand and holding it together and generally got ready for the crew to arrive at 4 to close down and remove the fixtures.
Wouldn't you know it - some stupid woman still wandered around at 5 minutes past four thinking she could take up more of my precious time and maybe buy a calendar - Ha! Was she wrong or what!
Lady - I am closed.
Can you not see that?
I am just looking she says. looking. No more looking.
Go away!
Ah..freedom. I can just remember what it felt like.
It has been 96 days.
Now it's time to catch up with the rest of my life and to finally process some of the experiences that I have placed on hold for the last two months.
Some sorting to do..
So here I go down the rabbit hole...

Friday, January 19, 2007

RIP Calendar Club!

2 more days and it's over for...well...most probably for another year.

I have had a bad headache for about 48 hours now and every bone in my body aches. I think I am

Can I go home please?

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Friends are God's way of apologising to us for our families.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thought of the Week!

If you want to hear God laugh... just tell him your plans!

Lots on at "Rose Cottage" in the next few weeks.
We start up again this coming Wednesday, 17th January.
Still only $10.Coffee and tea afterwards.
Starting at 7pm.
This Wednesday will be a night of welcoming back everyone.

In the coming weeks we have already booked in Helen Adams who will be presenting a talk on astrology ( 31/01/07 ) and Monika Kwong, our favourite crystal lady, who will be talking about clearing and cleansing with crystals ( 7/02/07 ) - there will also be crystals for purchase on the night.
Leanne will recommence Belly dancing on 29th Jan - Monday night at 6pm.
We are also planning Art workshops on Saturday afternoons with Michelle.
Friday night Drumming Circles with Larry.
Full moon group.
Awaken the Goddess evenings.
"Rose Cottage is also becoming environmentally active this year - we need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk and we will be participating in some environmentally based activities that will see us out and about in the community. Yay! (great idea Deb!)
So what's stopping YOU from coming along eh?
Nothing I hear you say.....
Well be there or be square!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Single digits at last!

Oh Happy days....
I am down to single digits...nine days to go...woo hoo!!!
I think that it is finally slowing down now - toady sales were slow and I had a very quiet and relaxed day, even though I couldn't go to the toilet all day.
It is sooo exciting to know that it won't be long now and I will be FREE!
It will be great to get back into readings and Rose Cottage stuff.
Many changes to come this year, especially in my life - but I need time to think them through and till now I have not had time to do so.
Some things to consider and reconsider..but it's all too easy cause all you have to do is make a decision.
I miss reading books as well.
I have not had time to do so.
And then there's mother - I will have time to do so.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hear ye! Hear Ye!

Ladies and Gentlemen - Rose Cottage will reopen for business as from next Wednesday 17th January 2007, for our first "Around the Cauldron".
Topic - "Welcome back - We missed you!!!!"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last Days...

The infamous Khyber Pass - where they can stick their calendars!!!!

Tonight I got the man to print out some "last days" signs for me to put up at the calendar stand...oooohhh, so close I can almost believe it to be real.
Yeh, yeh, I know...I have two weeks left, but on Monday I go to 75% off and I want every bastard that walks past to buy a freaking calendar!!!
Considering that I just got another $65,000 worth of stock last Thursday and I will be getting another $45,000 worth 4 days before I close!
Yep, go figure!
Why am I getting this now?
Because it means that the company does not have to do the dirty work at the end of the sales stupid operators will do it and the worst is....we do it for FREE!!!!!
I so hate this part of the season.
It makes the end bitter sweet.
It just makes me bitter.
And any day now...I will say "I will never do this again."
"They can stick it up their khyber pass."
Oh well.
Such is life. I need to shut up and just get on with it.
This time next month I will be sitting enjoying a coffee with the Mary's.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Did anyone buy a calendar BEFORE Xmas????

Hey....what's going on?
Did anyone buy a calendar BEFORE Christmas? I thought that everyone had one by now.
Far out - how much can people buy?
I have served over 500 customers in the last two days, each one buying one, two, even three calendars.
It's crazy.
I have nothing left.But, just when you thought that I would run out..I am just about to get another load of calendars in a day or so. YAY....(not).
And guess week, we are selling at 75% off. This is when people take everything that isn't tied down.
They are even buying my tractor ( yes...tractor) calendars.

And all the tight arse poodle owners ( this DOES NOT include you Raihn - you were one of my best customers, along with Mary Ankle )have come in over the last two days searching for a poodle calendar at half price cause they were too tight to get one at full price - and guess what? I haven't got any!!!Ha!
Serves them right.
I have had over twelve requests....

What am I going to do with myself when calendars sales are over?
I wonder?
Will have to find something new to bitch about won't I?

P.S.Mary of the many now paid for laybys..don't forget you are on tomorrow.
Bring long sharp stick please.
And metal tipped boots.