Friday, January 12, 2007

Single digits at last!

Oh Happy days....
I am down to single digits...nine days to go...woo hoo!!!
I think that it is finally slowing down now - toady sales were slow and I had a very quiet and relaxed day, even though I couldn't go to the toilet all day.
It is sooo exciting to know that it won't be long now and I will be FREE!
It will be great to get back into readings and Rose Cottage stuff.
Many changes to come this year, especially in my life - but I need time to think them through and till now I have not had time to do so.
Some things to consider and reconsider..but it's all too easy cause all you have to do is make a decision.
I miss reading books as well.
I have not had time to do so.
And then there's mother - I will have time to do so.


Anchell said...

By the time I gey back you may be almost normal???
Hee hee hee
I will think of you while I am frying on the beach.....or drowning in the tent....

Lisa said...

well done....see you soon x

Bee said...

you sound happier,good on ya xx