Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eight things you didn't know about me..

1. I am really an alien from the planet Phart.

2. I do not suffer fools.

3. I hate the smell of fish and do not eat seafood ( unless it is flake from the fish and chip shop ).The smell reminds me of "unclean" women.

4.I am a tight arse.This is a very common anomoly on Phart as things can easily crawl up your arse if it is not tight - lots of things tend to get up my arse on Earth. Unfortunate!

5. I wanted to study art at University but was "no allowed".

6. There is no area in my brain capable of understanding how to work a computer( this has to do with comming from another planet )

7. I hate broken egg shells - I have a fear of finding bits of shell in my sausage and egg McMuffins, cause the dumb idiots that make them always leave bits of shell in the eggs and it freaks me out.

8. I am 50 earth years old this year, but really I am over 1000 years old ( if I still lived on Phart ).

Monday, April 28, 2008

all the way round to the start

could have...
should have...
must not.....
need to....
have to....
really, really have to.
don't make me...
I'm trying.
don't ask.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

When is a post not really a post?

I am not going to write about what is really on my mind, I am sometimes tempted to, but it would serve no purpose at all....so I will just talk shit instead.
The weather has been nice hasn't it?
What about the price of eggs and cheese - shredded cheese is so expensive...
Have a nice day...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blessings and Honour to our Anzac Heros!

Say hello to me beloved,
Give a kiss and a cheer
Have a beer at the pub mate
for I'm no longer here -

But I'll be standin beside ya,
Me old mate, me old chap,
That's me you'll be feelin
My hand on yer hat -

When you're in the parade mate
when you walk down the street,
When the dawn is a risin,
when the tears start to creep.
I'll be standin beside ya,
Me old mate, me old chap,
I'll be singing the old songs
We sang at the camp.

So say hello to the missus,
give her a kiss for me,
and go and play two up
and win a penny or three.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meeting a Hooker!

Today I get to met a Hooker in Hamilton - and have a coffee with her too!
Good thing she is a friend of mine, or the tongues would be wagging eh!

The weather has been wet, wet, wet...so it is a great opportunity to stay on the computer for hours on end and just do bugger all.

I am trying to get a handle on my food intake so that I can at least make space for all the food I intend to eat in Oompah Loopah land - I need stretchy pants...will head to a shopping centre close to you soon......

In the mean time, I know I have something important to do....but cannot remember what the hell it is??????

Monday, April 21, 2008

Is this freaky or what?

Is this a picture of a fairy at the bottom of the garden?
Or did someone just fall asleep under the tree and then the tree reclaimed him/her?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts become mainfest!

Well, I opened my big fat mouth in yesterday's blog and said that I would not be getting to sleep till two...and guess what,
I didn't get to sleep till two.
and an early start this morning has left me feeling quite furry.
Baby girk is spending the day with her girk friend from school and I am tying more cut up bushes as the council is collecting them for free tomorrow and we have a forest in our backyard.
Am also clearing bamboo from my back passage ( ouch ).
This rain is making everything grow as if we were spraying the place with steroids.

Having strange dreams about standing in blood and guts....and asking for luck in a chinese temple - way too much coffee I think!!!

Baby girks and Harry Potter

Cheers to the ladies that picked up my spelling mistake last blog...I have now fixed it but I seem to have retained my baby girk for ever more.
Baby girks do not fall asleep till after midnight and do not get up till 11am.
They eat everything that contains chocolate or McDonalds and little else.
They read books or are attached to the computer all day long and the only time they watch t.v. is to watch another rerun of Harry Potter ( how many times can one watch it?).
Baby girks have two left hands incapable of even the most basic tasks and seem to have selective hearing - yet they can listen to incredibly nerve shattering music on their ipod thingys.
They speak in a foreign language that only other girks seem to understand.
Oh well....

I have had a very productive day - I beaded, painted, washed sheets,cut and tied branches, took mother shopping and for coffee, watched Harry Potter and blogged.

The man made me two very yummy cappuccinos and now I will be awake to 2am!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not much to say...huh?

Well, I really dont have much to say.

It has been a quiet week, some activity at the Cottage and not much else.
These are my last weeks with the man at home - he returns to work in July, so I am enjoying the time that I have with him and I both at home.
Its been wet and fairly cool so we are limited to what baby girl wants to do during the school holidays - if she had her way she would be sleeping in till 11 every day and staying on the computer till she has to go to bed.

Quiet is good.
Three weeks to oompah loompah land!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mental Illness or Spiritual Experience?

Watched a show on ABC last night about Mental Illness and it occurred to me just how many similarities there are between symptoms of mental illness and deep spiritual experiences.
Such as, feeling "between the worlds", disassociated, feeling that the other world makes sence whereas this one does not, hearing voices, fatigue, bouts of extreme energy then feelings of exhaustion, a sence that many of your choices and actions are not yours, leaving your body etc...
Obviously, the major difference is that mental illness is all pervasive and does not leave you with a feeling of elation, you are required to contain your emotions by using drugs and rehabilitation to allow you to function whereas a spiritual experience is uplifting and profound and mostly transitory...

but yet, these experiences are in many ways very similar - I discussed this with the man and said to him that I felt that most of us have a "screw loose" and can relate to one or more of these feelings,and his comment was that I don't have any screws left to come loose anymore, they all fell out years ago!.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Party Chick!

It's just party, party,party....
Friday lunch at the pub down at Lambton for my cousin's birthday.
Saturday morning breakfast at Chaddy's for same said cousin.
Then afternoon tea with family - more cake...
in between, much manoevering to make humungous caramel laden cake for miss Mary of the "Cottage" and more partying that evening and eating of said cake ( did I mention the mountain of cream that was in the cake as well? )

Ohhh! My stomach ..I have overindulged.

I have dust gathering in every corner of my house and have no motivation to clean it.
I have started a new painting and have stupily thought that I can do a bit without having my hand held...he,he....I think that was a mistake. I do not want to spend all of next lesson correcting what I have stuffed up.

Last night's birthday bash was fun. So much yummy food - there was even an idea that we should hire ourselves out to do wakes!

THe baby girl has been on school holidays for about a minute and is already bored out of her brain....oh, this is going to be a long school holidays - I am not into entertaining a 13 year old.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Helllloooooo out there!

not one to point a finger but........

the blog lines are "verwy kwiet" and I am sick and tired of clicking on everone's blogs and finding NO NEW POSTS!!!!

Come on!

We need some new posts bloggers....get into it.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Some interesting local history

Wallsend - from the coal district on Tyne ( end of old Roman occupational wall)

Newcastle - after the English city. The Port was first entered by boat in 1797 in pursuit of escaping convicts. Newcastle was first called "King's Town" and the Hunter river was known as "Coal River".
The native name for the site is Malubimba.

Boolaroo - aboriginal meaning "many flies" ( right Diana? )

Waratah - because of the prolific growth of the plant in that area.

Shortland - after John Shortalnd, master's mate on the "Sirius".

Muswellbrook - once known as Muscle Brook on account of the mussels in the creek.

Morpeth - after Morpeth in Wales. The native name is Illulong. Was first called Wallis Plains.

Maitland - after Jas. Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale. The original settlement was made up of " 11 well behaved convicts". The natives called west Maitland " Boyden" and east Maitland " cooloogoolooheit".

Kotara - a waddy in aboriginal.

Cardiff - after Cardiff Wales. Sir Edgeworth David, Aust. scientist was born there.

that's all I have found for now.
Just thought it would be of interest..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another week begins....

School holidays begin soon...what to do with the kids at home?
We will all be screaming out for coffees and sanctuary within a few days I am sure...but before that we have this week to contend with.
What will it bring?
The man has a few doctor's appointments today....hope all is well - it must be!
We are going to Kuala Lumpur ( or as it is now known "oompah loopah land" ) in less than a month and I am getting very excited.

This is one of the spots we want to visit. It is called Batu Caves and is a holy Temple just outside the city of Kuala Lumpur.Note the millions of steps that need to be climbed to get inside the caves...I am swaeting already.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Cottage has a Fairy Godmother/or father!

Indeed I have been informed that there have been a number of anonymous donations left at the Cottage in the last 24 hours.
To whoever left them - I also extend my sincere thanks.
I would love to know who it was - human curiosity - but anonymity is a beautiful thing. You have to be a pretty big person to give without expecting thanks.

Our Cottage is a beautiful place and now we have a fairy Godmother, or father too!

The man is out having some timeout with friends from work at a "smoko".
I have baked apple pie and am watching "Harry Potter" yet again - it's still so cool.

I also learnt how to apply gesso onto a canvas today ( whoopee do I hear you say ).
Yet an important part to the process of painting and I learnt it today. So I am stoked.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Seeing the sun rise!

I was at the beach to see the sun rise this morning and I must admit that it was spectacular!
Had to take baby girl into school at sparrow's fart to catch a bus to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney (school excursion).
So was brave and thought, since I am up anyway....shall head into town and go for a walk along the beach.
There is a fabulous coffee shop up near the old hospital - it overlooks Newcastle beach and having a morning cappucinno there is superb.
I thoroughly recommend it!
Shall we make a date girls?

Tonight, doing a cemetary walk with my psychic development group...what a day!