Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts become mainfest!

Well, I opened my big fat mouth in yesterday's blog and said that I would not be getting to sleep till two...and guess what,
I didn't get to sleep till two.
and an early start this morning has left me feeling quite furry.
Baby girk is spending the day with her girk friend from school and I am tying more cut up bushes as the council is collecting them for free tomorrow and we have a forest in our backyard.
Am also clearing bamboo from my back passage ( ouch ).
This rain is making everything grow as if we were spraying the place with steroids.

Having strange dreams about standing in blood and guts....and asking for luck in a chinese temple - way too much coffee I think!!!


Anchell said...

Nah...its all that bamboo up your backpassage that does it every time

Hippy Witch said...

Can you get me some luck while your there

Jen said...

you are very powerful!!!