Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coffee and Catch up

So enjoyed our coffee today with Michelle and Jen, Faerie and Mother Superior.
We went into a variety of subjects, as usual going deeper and deeper as the coffees flowed.
Some truths were told and heaven help anyone asking us to be blunt and truthful cause that is what you will get!!!!
We all hold fears about what we can and cant do - we all feel less than perfect most of the time. We all hold friendships dear. They are integral in our lives.
All of us cope, sometimes more, sometimes less but we all keep trying as best as we can.
Another week begins......
down the rabbit hole we go.....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What was I thinking?

* convinced myself I could do with a cappucinno machine.
* the man suggested to follow "Choice" magazine recommendations and get a certain brand.
* Went to Good Guys and made purchase.
* Went to supermarket, brought assorted ground coffees with great anticipation.
* Got home, turned on machine.
* Became seriously hostile as machine refused to froth milk.
* Watched the "you are such a dumb arse we have to show you how to make a coffee" instructional dvd.
* Made more coffees that were pathetically horrible.
* Thought, it must be the milk.
* Drove to supermarket and brought assorted milks to try.
* After trying for another half hour decided that this was another piece of shit and packed it all back in its box.
* Drove back to Good Guys, had an arguement with salesguy who even went and got his own milk to prove how good this piece of shit could froth the milk and then stood there trying to convince us that what he had created was perfectly frothed milk and what were we on about?
* Spent more of our precious time telling sales guy that he wouldnt know a good cappucinno if he fell into one.
* Got our money back after much heaving and sighing from salesguy.
* Went to Euro Bar for a decent cappucinno and come to the realisation that unless you are willing to spend a motza on a professional machine to use at home - the only way to get a good cappucinno with frothy thick and creamy milk on top is to buy one from a really good coffee shop with smiling baristas who love to make good coffee.
* Lesson learnt.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I need a cappuccino!!!

I have been getting up at about 6.30am over the past two weeks to complete darkness. I peer out of the kitchen window and put the jug on for the first cup of the day and it is just so peaceful and quiet.
When day light saving stops this weekend, I guess it will be a lot lighter, so I have only a few mornings left of watching the sun come up.
Yes, I know I could get up earlier...but, duh

I went down to Glendale to buy toilet paper as baby girl had just used the last sheet before striding off the catch the bus and I used that as an excuse to stop at Brumby's to buy a cappuccino ( Brumby's make good coffee ).

I have decided that I am quite addicted to cappuccino's and will save thousands of dollars if I just go and buy myself a decent machine to have at home.I also now know that I can buy ground decaffinated beans at the local Gloria Jeans.And it's good stuff.
Will work on that.

Also we had a bad pizza experience on the weekend - must warn you local people,
Warning, warning!!!!!!

Small Americana pizza from Don Peppino's at Merewether $12.

Look on my face when I opened the pizza box AND LOOKED AT THE PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT INSIDE - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

Never, ever, ever buy your pizza from Don Peppino's.
In fact, don't even drive past.
You will experience more joy and flavour if you put that $10 note in between two slices of whole meal bread ( with no butter ) and ate it with a glass of tap water.

Stay away.

They have a hand written sign inside the restaurant saying that the magificent traditional food is made by some traditional old italian ladies who have been making the pizza and pasta there for the last 28 years.

Well, I think those ladies must be about 136 years old, have dementia and have forgotten the recipe.

The man has been telling me how he used to go to Don Peppino's when he first came to Australia nd remembered how great the pizzas were - so I thought well, lets go and test out how they are now as compared with how they were back then.

You know how you get that gut feeling that you just may be making a mistake?

We both had a tinge of it....
but no, we were determined to see it through.
So we placed an order, waited 20 minutes and collected the pizzas.
Back in the car, I dared to open the box and took one look inside and well...
What a joke...that was supposed to be a pizza?....
McCains from the supermarket looks a million dollars compared to what we got.
Black and Gold pizza has more ingredients than what we got.
It was so bad, we were tempted to take it straight back, but the man said that maybe there was a hidden flavour experience just lurking on that miserable looking imposter of a pizza.
So we took the pizza home, poured a glass of wine...
and were bitterly dissapointed when there was no flavour to be found anywhere.
The pizza box would have had more flavour.
The whole thing was so bad that the man rang up Don Peppino's and abused them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Corn flakes and old guys

News flash.....
SOme girl in America put a corn flake up on ebay and got bids to the value of $200,000 cause it looked like one of the states of America....
Ebay pulled it...but it went back on and sold for $1350.00.
I am off to the shops right now...
Also the last and oldest French World War One veteran has just been buried having been given a state funeral.
He was 110.
Now that's amazing..

Today is a new day.
I am a scary mother who is cracking the whip.
I am buying paints to start my collection - I AM going to keep painting even if it frustrates me.
Tonight is YAAD.
I am very lazy and need to get motivated - does anyone know how to do that?
It is so easy to fall into bad patterns.
So many bright ideas, but they are just ideas...someone give me a kick up the bum please!
get in line and stop pushing..
you will all get your turn.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is it over yet?

The Shroud of Turin is in the news again...more testing to be done this year to check it's authenticity. Didn't they already acknowledge the fact that it was actually created in the 12th century?
mmmm, obviously they will retest and retest until someone works it back to when J.C. died. I guess it goes to show us how strong beliefs can be, whether it is right or wrong and even in the face of evidence that disproves it.

We all know that the church was great at selling 'the thigh bone of St. Jude" and "the left nostril of St.Benedict" for centuries, why not create the ultimate of relics?

Maybe the Pope was short of a few gold coins to throw into the local pokies at the Vatican Vegas and commissioned some guy to whip up a relic or two for a quick buck?

Last night's turn out for Yaad 2008 was great - I am looking forward to a muchly interesting group of vocal and challenging students.
Feaster is nearly over for another year - for those of you who might be thinking that I am a heartless bitch for not giving the baby girl her chocs yesterday, she got heaps at her grandmas and we gave her ours this morning.So there...

My intention for today is to do as little as possible!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Feaster - happy ho hum to all!

Easter Quiz
Question: What does one do with an 84 year old mother who chucks a temper tanty in the middle of 'Strandbags" cause her good for nothing daughter willl not allow her to buy the bag that SHE REALLY WANTS, but cannot open properly?

Answer: Let her buy it anyway and come home and have a glass of wine.

Question: What do you do with a child that will not eat vegetables ( only five solitary measly beans on her plate )?

Answer:Tell her there will be no easter eggs tomorrow and go and have another glass of wine.

Question: What do you do when you know that you should not be eating meat until tomorrow cause that is the freaking "tradition" in your family?

Answer: Have not one but two pieces of bbq steak for tea and follow it up with a third glass of wine!

Question: What do you do when all feaster it is raining?

Answer: Sleep in and watch movies - that one was easy.

Question: What do you do when you have to go to a boring family breakfast for Feaster Sunday and you would rather just sleep in and have dry toast and water in preference?

Answer: Suck it up and just do it. Avoid anything that looks like garlic and pork sausage in the shape of dismembered penises that have been boiled in water or "finger food" that consists of sausage rolls and chicken nuggets that do not contain anything that could be called "meat". Also avoid the same old cakes that got pulled out at Christmas and were not eaten because we have been eating the same cakes for the last 20 years now and are over them and especially avoid the rellies that have not seen your shaven head yet and who will spend many a merry moment pointing fingers and speaking in hushed voices so that I can just notice.
Also avoid father in law who will try to ply you will either cheap wine or port before you have had your first decent coffee for the day.....burp.
I feel heartburn coming on already!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a day!

Spent all day with my homies - the sista's from the block.
Am starting to get hooked on art class - my tutor has been chosen to exhibit in China as one of the 35 most influential artists in Australia. How cool!

I am more that half way through my first painting..maybe two more lessons and I will be done. ( maybe three )
And then I will do another one, very much the same so that I can work out how to remember how to do things.It is much harder than it looks.It can be so frustrating when you know what you want something to look like but when you touch the canvas with paint it comes out like crap.

this weekend sees me chillin'.
Tomorrow big daughter picks up new car.
Baby girl will sleep all day.She is very tired and needs a rest.
The man has worked up a sweat mowing lawns and wipper snipping all day - so he will be taking it easy
after all it is good Friday and

the shops are closed for one whole day and the world is in turmoil with a frenzied attack on all supermarkets..
Obviously people are worried that they are going to starve - cause they are buying like there is no tomorrow.

May the force be with you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Worlds Greatest Shave Update

The cash has been counted...and the amount is...
drum roll please.....

What an excellent result.
Thank you to everyone - such a solid effort was put in by everybody
and all of those last minute donations were all added in too!

It's going to rain soon...I can feel it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Going broke at Borders

The man found some 40% off vouchers for Borders on the net so we have been there two days in a row buying up....couldn't there be one member of the family who is not a book hog?

I did get a great book that I have had my eye on for a year now. Nice when that happens!

Our Steph is locked in a room upstairs with the baby girl doing maths tuition....
But I am hearing laughter and not screams...must be something wrong. Must tell Steph to be more punishing, after all it is maths.

Must go and walk...need to get rid of 5kg of unsightly fat before I go on I can gain 5kgs of unsightly fat!

May the force be with you!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eye test, tile fest, book quest

Just come back from the optometrist - had an eye checkup and am getting some new specs to go with my new do.Eyes are fine.
Having an issue with the scabby tiles we got this weekend and we will probably pack the load of shit in the car and return them at some stage today.They are all scratched.

Also heading into "Boarders" - the man has downloaded some discount vouchers and we mean to use them!

Baby girl did finish her assignment yesterday - thank the Goddess.
It took her all day.
Must kick her arse.

Me, I am fine.
It's Monday and Easter is at the end of this week whic means spending time with various parentals ( Raihn word ).Ho hum.

My grown up girl is getting her new second hand car this week.
She is very excited. Even though it is still a 10 year old car, it is in pretty good nick, and has far less rust than what she is driving around in now! Plus it is red - so it goes faster.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bald head Sunday

I am getting used to looking at my new self in the mirror.
The grey hair is ok.
The shortness is still a bit too short.
I get a lot of looks ( sideways ) at the supermarket if I dont have a cap on.
The best thing is that I get up in the morning and "what do I do with my hair?" is no longer a question I need to ask myself, at least for the next few weeks.
Will be getting together with Helen on Wednesday to total off our donations and we will have an amount for you all by Thursday.
One thing, it is far more than we both thought it would be.
I am very unconstructive at the moment.
It's just too hot - can't get over the weather.
I think it is summer now - not autumn at all.
The back yard is a crisis and we went out to buy tiles for our bathroom makeover yesterday and they are all scratched - not impressed.
I am making baby girl do an overdue assignment today ( until her fingers bleed!!!!!!)
and the man is heavily into Formula 1.

So it's a slow and comfortable day - food and wine festival in at Hamilton today, might go for a look, but might not.
Easter next week - when did that sneak up?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Day after the Night before!

Well, it is done.
I was so high on adrenalin last night that I found it hard to have a decent sleep.
What a wild day it much energy was there at the Cottage when we started to shave!
It was a pretty special day.
I think it will stay a memorable event in Cottage history.

Thanks go to Lisa for continuing her Cottage dream - last night is a true example of what it is all about.

Thanks to Helen for inspiring me to go for the chop and for all of her hard work. It has been a few hard weeks fundraising.And we all must remember that you have baby Bear to organise too! What a champion!

To Heidi who just looked fantastic and got us all excited ( and scared ) by getting her hair cut a few days earlier.

And to all of those that turned up yesterday and donated their time, cakes, money, love and laughter.
You all made it very, very easy to do something that would otherwise may have been very intimidating.
I got another $130 this morning from one of the people that I asked to raise some money for me so I am up to $860, not including the big tin and all the other little tins that Helen has...we might just get to $1500!!!!!
How bloody brilliant is that.

I will post some photos soon, but if you want to see some today go to Helen's Blog, she has some on right now!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

True, True

These are my shots from the "World's Greatest Shave"!
Believe it or not!




When did today sneek up?
I wasnt watching......

Did not sleep well last night, kept waking up thinking...fark
Should not have seen Heidi last night (sorry heidi, but you have such a cute profile
and I dont)
Deb - you have to promise me a number 3!!!
Or, I will hunt you down and kill you!

Now that today is here, I can't wait -
The man took off a bit last night and I might get him to cut another chunk before I go in to the cottage - then I really, really cannot say no.

I have had a shaved head breafast this morning - bacon and eggs (sorry to the veges out there ).
I figure I need the protein.
Now I will wash my hair, while I still have it and then I will make a few batches of scones to sell this afternoon.
Should be a fun day!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is the week!

Well, only two more days and it's all happening.
My sister in law has managed to raise $350 from her work - wow
I also scabbed $10 from my doctor this morning.

I think I should have about $500 so far - a bit less than the $1000 I was hoping for.
I know that this Wednesday will be successful and I am sure that between Helen and myself and the help of the Cottage regulars and guests we will make it to $1000.

It will be a very cathartic experience, humbling yet hopefully, empowering.
It's only hair right?

I have always had a love / hate relationship with my hair ( more hate that love ) and having gone grey very early, it was a constant battle to keep up the colouring.
I remember several horrible experiences where my hair went bright orange and I had to make a mad dash to the chemist in a beanie to buy another colour to cover my mistake...crazy stuff.

Having a gorgeous crowning glory is a beautiful thing and I am envious of anyone who has such a thing ( yes, you Anchell ) - also age plays a part. Certainly little or no hair is more appealing on a 20-30 something than a 40 something...but it's not all about me and how I feel is in the whole scheme of things quite irrelevant and very egotistical and off it goes.
Yeh baby!!!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Moving Anchell to the Backpassage and No milk for a simple cuppa!

A good night had by all for Maureen last night.I missed the meal as we were helping Anchell pack the truck to move to the arse end of town, but got there to enjoy dessert.....NOT.
The rotten place ran out of milk!

Maybe I had something to do with it, cause I opened my big mouth and said that "knowing our luck, the place would run out of something".

So, we went back to the Cottage and had dessert supplied by Deb.

Maybe Lisa can put a sign out the front....

Today we also helped the Anchell family relocate to the backpassage with the help of a hired truck and 65,000 family members who worked thier little tooshes off.
Nice place, backpassage.
Pity it's so far away.

Anchell's new place is cool accept for the steep driveway that will see us all needing knee replacements next week.
It's amazing how much stuff we collect over time. It's only when we need to move do we realise what we have accumulated.
This weekends experience has made me vow never to even think about moving...ever.
But it felt good to be able to help someone else do it.
Good luck Anchell!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heavens to Mergatroid!!!!

Yesterday's fundraising effort at Wallsend Plaza raised about $100 - not too shabby!
We were there all day and felt rather burnt out by the end of it. Must say, it was quite an enjoyabe experience, we spoke to some really nice people.

There was one young lady who had obviously had chemo, her hair was thin and wispy and she laughed when we said that we were going to be shaving next week - she commented on the fact that she had been trying to grow her hair after chemo treatment. It had taken her five years to get her hair to the length that it currently was - that's when the reality of it all struck us both.

Other than that, baby girl visited the orthadontist for a very eye opening appointment about what awaits her in the world of braces - hmmmm...
Total cost before reimbursments - $5800.
But, poor lovely child needs to have a perfect smile, instead of a sticky outy tooth so we will be heading down that road shortly, when I recover from the shock of the cost.

My precious piece of swedish shit is back home ( the automobile ) and our pockets are $600 lighter.

Good thing we have that money printing press working overtime in the garage, cause we were running out of yellow backs...

Also we have now booked all of our overseas accomodation in "down the road" and "around the corner" establishments - never let it be said that I do not try to get the best deal available!
Great thing, that google earth web site.

You can actually go to your hotel destination and check out where it is.
This helped us change our accomodation on Langkawi. We had originally decided on a more upmarket and more expensive hotel, but when the man located it on google earth, we saw that it was at an isloated part of the island which meant that if we wished to go down the main street, we would have had to get a taxi.Anywhere outside of the hotel, meant a trip of at least 15 - 20 minutes. Good, if you want isolation, bad if you want cheap food and shopping.

So, we did some more research and saved ourselves $600 ( note...same amount that the shit box has just cost us! )and booked a smaller place just down from the restauarants and shopping centre of the island.Still a really nice looking place ( well it looks good on the internet web site ).
Thankyou google earth....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hitting the Fundraising Pavement

Today, Helen and I will be at Wallsend Plaza from 10.30am fundraising for the World's Greatest Shave. We will be encouraging people to come over to our table and leave a donation - as we are not allowed to approach anyone, this may be a bit difficult so I have made up a few signs and we will be in our bright blue t shirts.....
I am very excited and just know it will go well.
Come and say hello!!!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Headache of Massive Proportions!

Ouch...I cannot see!!!!
My head is bursting.Am battling through tension headache this morning.
Have been a stress head over the last two days and so now I am paying the price.
My car has pooped itself and is costing big bikkies to repair ( hopeless piece of shit ).Why does one simple plasticky/ metally bit that does very little at all, cost so much friggin money???? Just because you have to take the engine out to get to said friggin piece of crap to replace it! Pish posh.....that's just un - Australian.

Still needing to buy tiles for the bathroom and bathtub,basin, shower and all the rest.....Now there is cheap and tacky and then there is horrendously expensive for something that doesn't look much different from cheap and tacky.
Why do all tiles look the same?
There is either old fashioned or glass tiles.
Why cant colours match?
Why does it appear that stock is available but when you ask it isnt?

Have I hit you up for a donation for World's Greatest Shave yet?
Beware then....cause I'm commin!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

10 days to go!

10 days to no hair!!!
Please support us and send us some money now!
I will be doing some fundraising at Wallsend Plaza this Wednesday with Helen.

Other than that, spent the weekend chasing my tail....
On Sunday we tried to organise tiles for our upstairs bathroom and order a vanity and bathtub, neither of which we successfully accomplished.

The doctor from down the road has been getting rid of stuff again, and I have managed to score a cork message board and a mini hi fi system ( not sure if it works yet).
I told my husband that the doc should just save himself the trouble and bring the whole lot down to our least it encourages me to walk, every time I walk past there is something new out.