Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bald head Sunday

I am getting used to looking at my new self in the mirror.
The grey hair is ok.
The shortness is still a bit too short.
I get a lot of looks ( sideways ) at the supermarket if I dont have a cap on.
The best thing is that I get up in the morning and "what do I do with my hair?" is no longer a question I need to ask myself, at least for the next few weeks.
Will be getting together with Helen on Wednesday to total off our donations and we will have an amount for you all by Thursday.
One thing, it is far more than we both thought it would be.
I am very unconstructive at the moment.
It's just too hot - can't get over the weather.
I think it is summer now - not autumn at all.
The back yard is a crisis and we went out to buy tiles for our bathroom makeover yesterday and they are all scratched - not impressed.
I am making baby girl do an overdue assignment today ( until her fingers bleed!!!!!!)
and the man is heavily into Formula 1.

So it's a slow and comfortable day - food and wine festival in at Hamilton today, might go for a look, but might not.
Easter next week - when did that sneak up?


Cyndy said...

Be proud of your beautiful bald head, Renata! And after seeing pics of you at Michelle's lunch at Eurobar, I have to say that you look lovely.

And Helen? He's just beautiful, and would be in whatever she wore or did.... lucky woman.

Oh wait a minute, that's you.....


Anonymous said... are too kind.If it wasn't the vanilty thing going on, I would keep it this way in an instant.I just wake up and am ready to go.How good is that!Lucky

Anchell said...

It truelly does suit you madam, you have the face for it. Short short hair is obviously your thing!