Monday, March 17, 2008

Going broke at Borders

The man found some 40% off vouchers for Borders on the net so we have been there two days in a row buying up....couldn't there be one member of the family who is not a book hog?

I did get a great book that I have had my eye on for a year now. Nice when that happens!

Our Steph is locked in a room upstairs with the baby girl doing maths tuition....
But I am hearing laughter and not screams...must be something wrong. Must tell Steph to be more punishing, after all it is maths.

Must go and walk...need to get rid of 5kg of unsightly fat before I go on I can gain 5kgs of unsightly fat!

May the force be with you!


Lisa said...

thats an awful shot of my belly !

Áine said...

Maths is pretty scary, but I'm a great believer in catching more flies with honey than vinegar! :)

You've got a brilliant, artistically-minded young lady there, Renata! We just have to figure out how to think linearly when necessary as well as abstractly. :)