Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do the Accountants of the world celebrate a Happy New Year today?

It is the start of the new financial year today - I am wondering if accountants have a New Years Eve Party?
Are they still in bed with a hangover right now?

I was up at the crack of dawn again today to go ho-ing at the markets....
It was bloody cold, poor little Fairy Mary nearly froze to death.

So now I am very t i r e d....
Have done my work for this week and need to rest.

See you soon.

Friday, June 29, 2007


One-year-old Eclyse the zorse looks as though she has been covered in white paint.

Eclyse the zorse is striking proof of how an offspring inherits genes from both parents - which in her case was a male zebra and a female horse. The result is shown in her amazing coat which looks like a zebra's that has been partly covered in white paint.

Now I've see everything!
See you at our Anniversary do tomorrow!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Nobby Jobbie!

Our local radio station gave the refloating of the Pasha this official name today!
Only in Newcastle can we crack a joke about having a freaking big ship stuck on our beach!
SO is she going to be refloated or not?
What do you think?

Or does Newcastle get a new floating hotel....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue Moon!

Blue Moon
Comming up soon,
enough to make you swoon,
howling at the moon

seeing shadows,
feeling maddness
crazy saddness

wild weather,
wind blowing
frozen fingers
the chill lingers
leaves scatter across the road like scurrying creatures
looking for a warm spot to hide

Blue Moon
comming soon
every loon
will be howling the tune!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Ho'ing at Green Hills!

What have I started...I will now never hear the end of these ho'ing jokes...must admit,I fell right into this one! still ho'ing my arse off ( ha ) - but the hard ho'ing is over for now.

No more great lumps of heavy books to heave, just sorting and tidying as the day progresses.
Things are slow - I dont think people in Maitland have all that much money after seeing their houses float away a week ago.
The Shopping Centre is very quiet.

The traffic to and from Maitland is horrendous - worse in the morning, especially coming into Newcastle. The line up of cars is sooo long.

I have heard stories of people watching their washing machines and fridges float out the door and down the street - even some guy who watched his caravan disappear and end up two streets away in somebody elses back yard.

Boy, this rain really screwed some people over very badly.
I need to be greatful.

By the way, I won $10 in Powerball last week - WOW, see "Lucky" is already paying off (double ha!).What did I do with the money?
I purchased another ticket of course!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh my aching back!

I have lifted and "ho-ed" and heaved today, adjusting and putting the books in some semblance of order after yesterdays attempt of fitting 7 pallets worth of books onto a space that can only fit about 4 at a pinch.
We all worked god damn hard - Baby girl walked around with one book at a time going, "Where do I put this one?", the girls sweated and toiled and did ok considering it was their first attempt, the lord and master of my universe lifted
(even though he wasn't supposed to)and we had Hungry Jacks for tea cause we were passed cooking (yes, I hear Diana saying "cancer food").
That's all.
Very boring.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the move

Helped move copious amounts of furniture today as daughter of mine moved from small bedroom in rental into big bedroom in rental, and can now relinquish bits and pieces that have been stored at grandmas to fill up her new big space.
Also picked up two unwanted bookshelves from sister in law and took them to the Cottage for use in the study room.Hope you like them Mother Mary.
Lord and Master of my Universe ( formerly known as "the man" )who should not be lifting.....did a lot of lifting, and I dare say will be sore and sorry tomorrow.
Have made many little shiny things to sell at the markets tomorrow..better sell many little shiny things,its been a lean few weeks.Looking foward to getting together with the girls at sparrow fart tomorrow.
Later, I will be setting up for another stint at Green Hills selling books.More lifting, heaving and hoing......

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Romy has run away with the Gypsies!

Anyone who has navigated to this blog over the last year, will know that the person behind it was affectionately know as Romy.
But alas, being her true self, Romy found herself ever increasingly restless, and being a true Gypsy,packed her bag last night and took off joining a wandering gypsy caravan.
Good luck to her....she was getting bored and tired and longed for an adventure to move her soul. Maybe we will hear from her again in the future?
You just never know where she might turn up.
But she bequeathed this blog space to me...Lucky!

She told me to go for it and write to my hearts content.
So here I am - I hope that you embrase me with the same amount of love and affection that Romy got - she said that she will miss you guys!
Why did I choose the name of Lucky?
Because the labels we place upon ourselves are very powerful things - they can make or break us...labels such as fat, stupid, idiot, careless, unhappy, sick, are just some of the negative tags we can give ourselves.
I have chosen a more uplifting one - hopefully it will rub off.
I HAVE been lucky enough though - especially over the past year having stood back and watched my man be diagnosed with prostate cancer and go through the whole process and emerge on the other side cancer free.
Pretty damn lucky, if you ask me.
So I welcome you all, maybe I can share my good luck with you in the future!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Colour Code Test

ColorQuiz.comrenata took the free personality test!

"Preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting n..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

A new blogger!

It's only new ..... but it belongs to hippyMary ( aka Diana )
go to -

Onya Diana!

We always welcome new Marys.
Well, the mother of all storms did not eventuate. I actually see the sun trying o creep out at this moment.
That is a good sign - we need a dry brake.
Dragon Lady is in Syndey as I type and probably at the airport waiting to get on the plane with husband and Baby Bear.
Fancy her getting those dragons working and blowing all that wind away last night!
Pretty powerful.
But then we are -

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Rain!

A few weeks ago I had a dream that showed Newcastle being engulfed by water because of a tsunami.I had to escape to Mt.Sugarloaf, as it was the highest point in the area....we have come pretty close lately with all this rain.
This rain is just not going away and there has been a warning of more wild winds for tonight!
Everyone please stay safe and warm.

Little baby girl needs to go the the John Hunter to have an ultrasound on her dodgy kidney today. She had an operation about two years ago as her kidney was damaged from birth and this kidney was only working at a small percentage of its capacity compared to the other healthy one. It made her very sick at times and there were many visits to the emergency dept of the hospital cause we really did not know what was going on.
She has been perfect since the operation but this is the last check that she needs to do, just to make sure that all is ok and that the kidney has not deteriorated in any way.I am pretty confidentthat all is well.

We said goodbye to Helen today - she is leaving for England tomorrow and her household is quite tense with all the prep that needs to happen for such a huge trip.I will be sending her calming reiki healing, so that all runs smoothly for tomorrow. See you when you get back Dragon Lady!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's Wet....still

And the rain goes on....
I think we have had enough for now...thank you very much God!
We could not go to the markets this morning, but I still went and organised some spots for the next few weeks.

Did very little today - went to Charlestown Square, cant stand the place but needed a new pair of uggys as mine evaporated in last weeks rain and now smell very bad.

Friday, June 15, 2007

What a night!

The Gods brought down the rain again - right in the middle of our commitment ritual.
It sent many of the initiates into a panic, having been so traumatised last week with losing possessions and animals in the terrible storms of last Friday.
Their hearts were in the ritual but their ears were outside the window listening to the rain!
It just goes to show the individual commitment of each woman and it was not lost on me....
It WAS a lot of work to set up, no doubt...I am hoping that the ladies enjoyed it..with so many, the ritual took its time to weave everyone into it - but it had to be so.....not all our rituals will go for that long - rest easy ladies!
Today I am fluey and a bit drained...but by tomorrow I will be fine - nothing a mersyndol and a small shot of vodka cant fix! ( old slavic witches trick )
You didn't know they had mersyndols back then?
See, you learn something new every day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Buy it, cook it, eat it now!

Waste not, want not - that's the catchcry in our household at the moment.
I have been slowly eating my way through our fridge leftovers as it was just so "urky" to be throwing out so much food.
The dairy had to go....dodgy for sure.
The meat went on the bbq quick smart.
The bread and cheese held out for a few days.
The veges wilted quickly and were very sad, so some of them went in the bin and the rest were salvaged.
I have decided that I must eat cake and biscuits for the next few days until we get our fridge fixed cause they have so many preservatives in them that they can last for days before going off!
Somebody has to do it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris.....just shut up! Will ya!

Oh goodness...Paris has had a sign from God!
More like a sign from her legal advisor.....

and what DID God tell you Paris?

to stop making a goose of yourself?

well take his advise will you..please?

You are burying yourself - it's not a pretty sight.

But I guess with so much money, this will only be a hiccup in your career.
I can hear the spin doctors smacking thier hands together with delight as each hour passes...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Houston....we have lift off!

Yay...I am back and have turned on everything that uses power over the past 24 hours!!!!
It's a bit scary that we are so dependent on electricity. It was a lesson on how life used to be before we could stay up till midnight and still be sourrounded by light.
I am thrilled that Maitland missed being flooded - but there are many more that need our prayers and help. Please offer assistance if you can - I think it really helps if we act like a community and lend a hand to those more unfortunate. If any of you need anything, even a hand to help clean up call me!
We lost a fridge, cracked a side window, a mobile phone died and water damage in the garage, relatively little.
Jen, I feel for you baby, I would be having a nervous breakdown if my house got water logged, but I guess you just get in and do what you have to!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dark side of the Moon!

Its that spot when astronauts go around the back side of the moon and NASA cannot contact them for a few minutes - that's where I am now.

No power ( am currently using generator for a short while)
Mobile died - have to use old one.
It's dark and getting cold.
We will be showering somewhere other than at home tonight - had a cold shower last night.

But, it could be much worse -
I could be living in Maitland and shitting myself right now.
My parents where caught in the 1955 flood - they lived just behind the Town Hall. They were rescued from the roof top of their next door neighbours two storey house.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Did you survive?

It was torrential last night.
I thought we would lose our roof! That goodness all is fine accept for some minor rainwater damage and no power, so all the food in the fridge will be dodgy.
I took my mother a thermos of hot water so she could make herself a cup of tea.
Being a wicth, I at least have a multitude of candles and can boil water on our bbq for a cuppa.
We are temporarily on battery power so that the computer can work but it is only for a short while.

Trees are down over power lines in streets around us and all roads were flooded last night.
Cardiff and Wallsend are both a mess with water comming into all shops and causing major damage.
My thoughts are with you all and I hope that you and your family is well and that your property has not had too much damage done to it.

We may get another bout of wild weather this settle in for a dark, cold night ahead.
See you at the other end of this......


First pic is the flooded road two streets aways from our place at about 2pm this afternoon.We have a friend whose house used to be just on the right hand side of the street right in the middle of that huge puddle, but the council paid her out and bulldozed the house so now there is just an empty block there. In the last big rains about two years ago, she got flooded out and the house and furniture got damaged.
Second pic _
This is a pic of the tanker that has run aground at Nobby's. I am praying that this does not turn nasty with the thing breaking up on the rocks.
Stay safe everybody!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's wet and Paris shits me!

It is wet outside, have you noticed?
I had to go shopping in that, and take baby girl to school cause she would have melted like the witch in the Wizard of Oz if she got wet.
I am glad it is raining, but please God, remember to turn the tap off will you!

And Paris - shits me off, completely!
What this whole fiasco has taught me and most everybody else, is that big money can buy you anything, even freedom.
But , it seems not only I am shitted off, becasue they are calling her back into court to make her serve the rest of her time ...Ha.
What's the best, she now gets diagnosed as mentally unstable or something so she doesnt have to...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Poem

In the hunter's eye, nothing is as beautiful
As a wild creature's body shot dead on the ground.
Pick it up, clean it, leave it to cool
And send to the butcher's for a pound.

But you see, karma shall eventually pay back
For once again he set off searching
on the long lost overgrown track,
With the bag on his back a - lurching.

Far into the forest, he came to a stop
Finding a rock and sitting down with a sigh,
He felt his mood beginning to drop,
But alas, he looked up at the sky.

While in the shadows, a silent carnivore's eye
Saw the hunter spot a bird and take aim
And suddenly, with a terryfing cry,
Rushing out of the forest, the guardian came.

The poor hunter had no time to realize
As the leopard's claws swiped at his head
The guardian of the forest made him meet his demise
And in a few seconds he was dead.

Now, remember the hunter that tasted his own medicine
When he was dragged off to be shared with the leopard's mate
Foe he had not learned to respect all creatures, even flesh like venison,
And the opportunity to understand came too late.

Realize that you must not be like he,
Who slaughtered animals for some pence
Rather, happiness, good luck and fortune's key
Is to treat all creatures with reverence.

Not bad eh?

My 13 year old , Aleks wrote this tonight for a school assignment!
I am impressed!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The week that was and the week that is!

Monday morning and instead of going to arty farty class, I took myself to Centrelink to jump through some more thing though, if you ever have to go to Centrelink, I reckon 9am is the best time...all the other centrelinker's are still in bed!
The queue was actually tolerable!
Yesterday was Market Day, and I guess we had a quiet one...I did ok, I can't complain but I do run the risk of taking everything that isn't tied down at home to sell....
I missed going to Shrek 3 - I had won free tickets to the local premier screening, but sent both daughters and two friends instead.
Last night saw us facing a large group of Year and a Dayer's all keen as mustard to pick our brains dry when it comes to wicca and the Craft.
Boy, what have I gotten myself into?
Tonight is my psychic development course...we will be scrying.
Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and my world is peaceful - relatively.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Joke of the Day!

Did you hear about the redundant clairvoyant who retrained and became
a contortionist?

He saw his own end.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Skivvy Story continues.....

Well, I got caught out today..
I actually walked into the Euro Bar Cafe in Hamilton in my skivvy!!!!
I was on the run, and did not have time to change before meeting Lisa and Michelle for coffee.
I could hear the groans from well dresed women who turned pale at the sight of me sauntering, loud and proud,straight passed the full tables, right to the back of the Cafe.
"There goes a fashion disaster!!!!".
But I have never been fashion savvy..everyone knows that.
Especially my daughter who would openly admit that her mother is "frumpy".

It must be a karmic lesson.
I must have been incredibly beautiful in a previous life, and vain and arrogant I'd this time around I was hit with the "frumpy stick".