Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Poem

In the hunter's eye, nothing is as beautiful
As a wild creature's body shot dead on the ground.
Pick it up, clean it, leave it to cool
And send to the butcher's for a pound.

But you see, karma shall eventually pay back
For once again he set off searching
on the long lost overgrown track,
With the bag on his back a - lurching.

Far into the forest, he came to a stop
Finding a rock and sitting down with a sigh,
He felt his mood beginning to drop,
But alas, he looked up at the sky.

While in the shadows, a silent carnivore's eye
Saw the hunter spot a bird and take aim
And suddenly, with a terryfing cry,
Rushing out of the forest, the guardian came.

The poor hunter had no time to realize
As the leopard's claws swiped at his head
The guardian of the forest made him meet his demise
And in a few seconds he was dead.

Now, remember the hunter that tasted his own medicine
When he was dragged off to be shared with the leopard's mate
Foe he had not learned to respect all creatures, even flesh like venison,
And the opportunity to understand came too late.

Realize that you must not be like he,
Who slaughtered animals for some pence
Rather, happiness, good luck and fortune's key
Is to treat all creatures with reverence.

Not bad eh?

My 13 year old , Aleks wrote this tonight for a school assignment!
I am impressed!


Lisa said...

that is brilliance Renata- for a child that age to have such depth and understanding is indeed a special thing.
Wow- she astounds me our Little Aradia-Rose.
A Blessed Child x

Anchell said...

Very schmick!
I shudder to think what my corresponding child would have written...something along the lines of mirror, mirror on the wall
who is looking at me today, the world is bad and wont go away!

~*Rylah*~ said...

That is awesome - very deep. Well done to her!

Tesah said...

Very cool