Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's wet and Paris shits me!

It is wet outside, have you noticed?
I had to go shopping in that, and take baby girl to school cause she would have melted like the witch in the Wizard of Oz if she got wet.
I am glad it is raining, but please God, remember to turn the tap off will you!

And Paris - shits me off, completely!
What this whole fiasco has taught me and most everybody else, is that big money can buy you anything, even freedom.
But , it seems not only I am shitted off, becasue they are calling her back into court to make her serve the rest of her time ...Ha.
What's the best, she now gets diagnosed as mentally unstable or something so she doesnt have to...


Kristy-Lee said...

Ha! I wrote about this today too!

Is it sad that we are so pissed off?

Cyndy said...

And the commercial news providers in this country need a big foot up the bum too. The east coast is being blown away and flooded, and what was the headline news story today? Friggin Paris!!!!
People had to almost die or disappear before it was news.
Good old Aunty ABC had nothing but the local disaster on, though. Their internet news stream has been amazing.
And no,I don't think it's sad that we feel this way about her; who is she anyway????