Friday, June 08, 2007


First pic is the flooded road two streets aways from our place at about 2pm this afternoon.We have a friend whose house used to be just on the right hand side of the street right in the middle of that huge puddle, but the council paid her out and bulldozed the house so now there is just an empty block there. In the last big rains about two years ago, she got flooded out and the house and furniture got damaged.
Second pic _
This is a pic of the tanker that has run aground at Nobby's. I am praying that this does not turn nasty with the thing breaking up on the rocks.
Stay safe everybody!


Rider-Waite said...

It certainly is wet where you are!! We had a heap of rain in Tassie last week and the river overflowed, kids very excited. Thanks for your post on my blog, I have been moving and and stupid Telstra were supposed to change my phone on Thursday between 3-5pm. I got up at 7am Thursday to check emails and do a short blog and it was disconnected!! I was speaking to someone in India so it may have been between 3-5pm over there! (I'm not racist, I just immensely dislike talking on the phone to people I cannot understand about my phone or electricity.)Any-way,back to the blog..The horrible ebay lady got reprimanded for excessive postage and they say I will get my good rating back when they fix the negative she left to be spiteful. f

Anonymous said...

Good for you!Renata

Rider-Waite said...

Well I thought it was over, the stupid woman is in dispute with me now...see blog for all the details! Glad you are OK after all that terrible weather Toni xx