Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CRAP - flat out!!!!

Tomorrow I put in three paintings to the Mattara competition - you can see the exhibit at St Andrews Church on Auckland street and eight paintings to Ciao Meow in town on Hunter street..
so busy labelling, writing lists, pricing etc....
I am trying to paint a new picture but it is just not going to happen...soon.
Aches and pains setting in and I am starting to sieze up so will be needing massage....soon.
I am nearly 51.......soon....argh!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Pic!

I picked up my paintings from the Hunter Palate Art exhibit today and to my surprise I had actually sold cool.
Its a real buzz to know that someone liked my art enought to pay to have it hanging in their house.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing to say too!

I have to join Wendy and say that "I really have nothing to say too"!
In the last week I have had a bout of flu/sinus and had a very sore and irritated eye yesterday which resulted in me driving around half blind with tears pouring down my face until I could get some drops from the chemist.
I have been reading about a link between the tarot and Jesus' sermon on the Mount,string theory, labotomies and Bethlehem Mental Hospital in England and Pavlov's dogs...
I have applied for another job and am rethinking about organising a Ghost Tour night out at Morpeth..there was an article about it in the paper this week and it has sparked my interest...anyopne else wants to come along let me know and I will book a tour...we need about four or five people for a Friday or Saturday night....
oh well...I guess I did have something to say after all...but then, I usually do..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ode to "The Man" - Happy Anniversary

Its our wedding anniversary tomorrow
and they said it was doomed and wouldnt last.
They did!
well, we proved them wrong and
although there were tough times
we all have those, we got through.
... then a few years ago
the unthinkable happened and I could have lost you
and I thought that my head would explode just thinking about that.
So each day is now a gift and most days I have my priorities worked out and the little things dont matter.
You have put up with my drama queen antics and crazy ideas
you make me laugh and make me look forward to my future
because it is with you.
I still love to be with you, think of you and lay next to you.
What more could a girl ask for.
Mwa! to my beautiful husband.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here we go...

I take in the first of my art works today for an art show at Maitland later this week.
I have a few exhibitions and stuff happening over the next few weeks and am hoping that some of my art will sell or maybe, possibly be good enough for an award????
I know how these things work though and I may just have a very small window of opportunity circles can be tight and have their own set of rules which make it difficult.
But, we live in hope..
I am working on one at the moment of baby girl..should be done by the end of the week.
Other than that I have a full week with things I need to do and catch up on.
The house looks like a snow field with husky hair literally everywhere
and my YAADERS are going to get chocolate spiders tonight as my contribution to our Ostara projects...yumm

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ghost Tour of Civic Theatre

Tonight I took part in a ghost tour at the Civic theatre organised by a mob from Sydney.
It was very interesting with the tour guide being a fellow who has worked at the theatre for many many years.
We went into the dressing rooms and on stage, down in the orchestra pit and all over the place.
Some rooms were darkened and we were allowed to sit with the energies.
I, as usual, did my shaky shaky thing the moment I walked into the bloody place and so took a very back seat so as to shake without all eyes upon me.....
The energies came and went ...some places were really strong with lots of female energies, young women bound into duties they did not want to do and lots of naughty naughty business downstairs in the dressing room area.
Apparently there is a resident ghost called Joe whom our tour guide has encountered on an occassion or two but I could tell him that there was a lot more as well.
No huge ghostly apparitions, no falling furniture or lights going on or off, but lots of energy...
I finally settled, about 15 minutes before leaving.
The group stayed to make light conversation, which I am not into, so I left...
not feeling well anyway... very congested and headachy and now spent as well from energy overload.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Pearls of Wisdom to just plain shitty talk....

Well, we will go from one extreme to another.
From one profound blog to diving down deep into the abyss of human creepiness..

Today, hubby called me to say that he had to get a changeover replacement bus during a trip from Newcastle thru Mayfield to Charlestown.
At around the Union street stop, about 10 minutes into the trip, some young girls came down the front of the bus and told hubby that there was dog poo on the floor.
Hubby did not even bother to look, but said.."Well that's not dog poo"..
but it WAS human poo!!!!!

Not the first time....euwwwwwwwww....

Anyway, the bus was stopped and all the passangers got off. Most did not even notice that it was there, I guess hubby telling everyone that there was going to be a bus change because someone had shat on the floor....may have alerted a few of them ( do you think?)..
I feel sorry for the poor person who had to clean it up.

Also, today, I was contacted by the company that I normally work for around the Christmas period ( whom shall remain nameless ) and they were told that I will not be partaking in this year's fun and activities, as per usual.
After the stunned silence was broken by, "But we were just about to send you the fixtures"..
we reiterated that it was going to be a "no go"....
not happening....nope....what part of "no" don't you understand?

anybody looking for work? Are you prepared to sell your soul to the devil?
look out for the ads in the paper for staff.....

in the mean time I am assuming that there is an effigy of me being burnt as I type this blog.
So it's "burn the witch" again!
History tends to repeat itself.......

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Individuation- when it's all about NOT fitting in!

I've been thinking about some recent posts where some have suggested that they struggle with not fitting in - this has tied in with some reading that I have been doing of late about alchemy ( the transmutation of base metals into gold - symbolic of course ).
Carl Jung said that individuation is probably the most important thing that we have to do in our lifetime.
It is the process of splitting from the the group, the crowd, and becoming an individual, realising that you are different and finding your own identity.
Sometimes it can also mean receiving the greatest gift of all - that of peace of mind in truely realising our purpose.

This process may often come when we are least prepared.
I wonder whether this process of the soul starts very, very early for some of us.
Our soul has already done this process of becoming individual and then spends years telling us "Yes, you do not fit in cause you are NOT SUPPOSED TO!!!! You are supposed to just be you and not like everybody else!!".
Therefore we have actually GOT it - its the rest of them that don't.
Brilliant isnt it.

So next time you say to yourself - gee, I dont fit in, be proud of it cause your soul has worked it all out for you, now just spend your time being you and have a little smirk at all the sheep just doin' the same thing as everybody else...
the hard work is all still in front of them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seal Rocks Lighthouse

Original picture was snapped at Seal Rocks a few weeks ago when we took a day trip - quite a pretty place although the last few kilometres is on dirt road and a bit hairy!
The Lighthouse is on a very steep hill top - you need a good heart to get up there and a cool day so that you dont slide down in your own sweat!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

visit with mum.

Took a drive to Sydney today to visit mum - have not seen her in a few weeks and so I needed to make the effort.
Mum is O.K. I guess - very depressed and disorientated. Her hair has grown long, so I have organised a visit with the hairdresser for her for next week.
She has swollen feet and a chest infection, so not terribly well.
She feels a bit trapped in her environment, but has come to the understanding that this is the best place for her, even though she still mentions that she would love to come and live with one of us.
I feel very sorry for her - it is sad to see her now, sad to see the deterioration,she is so happy to see me it is hard to leave -

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Verwy, verwy busy!

Yes I am, bless the we just have to manifest some sales and all things on heaven and earth will be equal!

I will now be showing on the Hunter Street Mall at a new Gallery space called "Ciao Meow" with one painting now and a few more for the month of October.

I will also be exhibiting at the Hunter Valley Palate Exhibition at the Hunter Valley Grammer School, The Mattara Exhibition, Stockton RSL Art Show and St Lukes Church exhibition.

I am also still showing at "Sniddy's" on Beaumont street and of course our "BIGGIE"
at Rose Cottage -
The Cottage Artists Guild present "Create" a celebration of diversity in art starting from October 9th and open to the public on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October from 10am to 4 pm.
Please wish me luck!

Friday, September 04, 2009

A full moon is always a time when we get together as a group to celebrate...being a group!
It is always hard to find the time and to spare a night away from the family - but it is always a re-energising experience to share a committed path with other like minded individuals.
Last night was an enormous pleasure - Jewell and Kay organised a magical evening which was capped off with a sojourn to the obelisk ( a totally amazing spot ) where we gathered and called in the dragons. There was thunder on the horizon, a 360 degree view of the city and ocean and a halo around the moon.
It went from howling wind to howling witches and then to total peace and stillness.
Then we sent the dragons to organise a table for us at a local haunt for coffee and enjoyed each others company over hot drinks until council regulations called upon the witches to leave.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My poor veins...

Ouch my legs hurt from standing all bloody day long...
actually they pound from the inside..each day there is one more blue hideous vein that seems to snake down my leg that was not there yesterday - standing all day long is not a good thing, especially on cold hard concrete that has electical wiring running through it..
and I am fast running out of clothes that fit me..I need to get fit ( er )...
but the idea of exercise is not something I relish thinking about....lets not talk about actually doing any.
I am just too tired at the moment..just cant seem to get energy levels up.

anyway..only a few more days and hopefully some time at home, although next week seems to be filling up for me and I want to take a trip to Sydney to visit mum as well.