Thursday, September 10, 2009

visit with mum.

Took a drive to Sydney today to visit mum - have not seen her in a few weeks and so I needed to make the effort.
Mum is O.K. I guess - very depressed and disorientated. Her hair has grown long, so I have organised a visit with the hairdresser for her for next week.
She has swollen feet and a chest infection, so not terribly well.
She feels a bit trapped in her environment, but has come to the understanding that this is the best place for her, even though she still mentions that she would love to come and live with one of us.
I feel very sorry for her - it is sad to see her now, sad to see the deterioration,she is so happy to see me it is hard to leave -


Cyndy said...


{{{{{hug}}}}} for your mum, who needs to sit with her feet up, and maybe a review of her medication.

{{{{{hug}}}}} for you, just because.


Lisa said...

smooch xx

Jewell said...

love to you xx hugs as well

Wendy said...

Glad that your mum was so happy to see you and yes, she is in the best place for her right now. Sending love and strength ♥