Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday night at the Cottage!

What a wonderful evening for our 5th Anniversary!
So many people were there - I am sure that the witch's dinner was great, sorry to have missed it.
I came in on the tail end just in enought time to give Helen's "mini me" a big cuddle through her tears and screams. She is just gorgeous...
I did not get around to everyone individually on the night - sorry if I missed saying hello.
Everyone was a shiny star!
Tania glowed the most in her gorgeous dress and she looked a picture of pregnant health.It was lovely to see Michelle whom I have not laid eyes on for a millenia, and Jane our own Rainbow Warrior, and even Heidi managed to sit quietly in the corner hoping no one would notice her. Jaq's new hair "do" makes her look very sophisicated too.
Thank you to all who contributed to my awesome gift - it was really a huge surprise, but that really needs to be my last "special gift" as the whole crew of the Committee now does such a good job that I am really redundant and need to be relegated to the back bench, and indeed it should be so!
The Cottage has been a sancutary to many over the years, and also an irritant, in a good way, where women have been able to come and get shoved out of their comfort zones, for better or for worse so that they can discover more about themselves and what they can really do if they put their mind to it.
Our guest speaker was thought provoking as usual and really reached out to many saying the words that they all needed to hear and of course we had caramel mud cake..what more could I say!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Two stars fall and fly!

Beautiful Farrah and talented Michael...well they are in their peace filled place now and blessings go with them both...
I am old enough to remember Charlie's Angels ( the original )..
Amazingly one went fast and one went slow..
a touch of reality...if there is something that you want to better go out there and do it...NOW....because life is a blessed treasure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He he...Ha..ha

Must share a giggle with you all today.
I had the pleasure of being asked today if I knew where you could pick up some info on Egyptian Sphin(x)ters...
Sphinxters...thats what was said....
I did not intervene...I let it go...

I am sure that this person really wanted information on the Egyptian Sphinx..
but whatever floats your boat I guess.....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just like the rabbit in Alice!

Well I am pushing it all the way...."I'm late, I'm late" said the white rabbit!

Mum seems ok at the moment, but I only see one side of her - the side she deems to show me.
Have tried to fit in eveything that I need to do and am feeling the pinch falling flat some nights in a tired stupor with a need just to go to bed and sleep.
Little baby girl had her first real day at work today with a few hours at her new place of employment. She learnt about the cash register and serving etc and is excited about getting her first pay later this week.

May not be about for much this week - tomorrow is another day, who knows what it will hold!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Show must go on!!!

Well its on again for young and old.
Mum's idea of care and our idea of care are turning out to be two different things.
We cannot manage being there 24 hours a day and my brother is being called at 2am in the morning to come over to make her a cup of tea cause she cannot tell day from night and is up at all hours wondering why it is dark and why she is alone!
She is now really scattered having spent time at the respite centre where eveything was done for her and now expecting the same at home.
So, it now goes to plan 365A.......
we are trying for the Polish respite centre in Sydney which wants an arm and a leg to get her in...
this is all tentative depending on her mood with regard to this idea and whether we can get her in and whether we can get her there and when we can get her there and what sort of fuss she makes in the mean time....and...and....
at least there everyone will be speaking her language but I know it is so far away and it is very expensive as all nursing homes are, and if this happens we will have to sell her house post haste which means cleaning it and doing it up which means soooooooo much hard work cause the place has not been renovated in like 3000 years.....
but one step at a time I far she is still at home and we have to get through the weekend..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Intermission is when you are at a show or performance and the lights go on - you can go to the toilet and also get a packet of jaffas or some such stuff...
so here I am...
its intermission..
the time between performances...
all is fine.
Mother is fine.
Baby girl is going to do her first shift at a big store at Glendale tonight.
I have had a few readings to do coming in from my offer, but not many.
Painting has has to wait.
My flu symptoms have just about gone, just left with a headache and a bit of a funny ,rash.
Have learnt a lot of valuable lessons over the past few weeks -
I am feeling too censored now on blogger.
I have to be too careful - it defeats the purpose.
Like having had your private diary discovered by your parents!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maxi Moose turns One!

Gorgeous Maximus has turned One!!!!!
So glad he is part of the family!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swine Flu? and mother has been released..

Have been sick for days....bu dont have time to stop so have dosed up on codral cold and flu and am hoping I have not got the swine flu...
Yes Mihelle...I also know the feeling of people indesciminantly coughing all over me without so much as even thinking about covering their mouths and children looking for a new victim for their hacking and spattering and snot ridden little fingers.....
today mother came home..
I have not seen her as I am too sick to go near her and risk her getting ill too.
My brother bought her home cause she just could not handle the change.
It was taking too much out of her and she was bitterly miserable.She wanted to be at home.
What happens now?
Well I guess we will have to work harder at making her life comfortable and establish routines to make sure she is safe, fed and looked after.
This will mean a greater commitment from me and therefore I may have to make some changes to accomodate all of this.
This will not be forever, but what happens from now on is in the lap of the Gods.
My brother has made the decision that she is not suitable for aged care ( and she has made us gulit ridden for the rest of our lives for even attempting to try it ) We are screwed any way we look at it - so she may as well be happy, if this is what she wants.I hope this works.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby girl gets a job!

Baby girl went for a job interview on Tuesday and last night found out that she is now going to be gainfully employed by a big shop that starts with the letter between S and U at Glendale!( sorry I have to be very careful cause big brother is watching me!!!!! and I cannot mention any names ).......
boy wont she know she is alive now!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am not trying to make trouble honestly......

Well, it seems I am at it again and trying to make trouble where it should not be...
I have had to edit one of my recent posts for reasons that are going to be left unsaid - fair enough.
Issues have been bought to my attention and I have complied.
What interests me is the way this information got "out there" beyond my small little viewing window of a handful of friends?
This poses the question, did it come from someone who is a regular to my site or has it come from an "unknown source"?
I would like to think that it has come from someone that I do not consider a friend because I do not understand why a "friend" would see fault in this meanless drivell of a blog site that means nothing to no one of great importance,to go to the trouble of doing what they did.
I would prefer to think that it is Big Brother watching...
and if that is so, then I must reconsider my views about blogging and free speech...

there was a cult where people sewed up their lips so that they could no longer talk....sounds like a plan..

In the mean time..
I AM IN IT!!!!!!!
Oh,'s gone already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Slap me, but dammit I'm going to do it anyway!

This month, the Cottage is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary - this is a huge achievement for a dream that turned into a reality for Lisa, and has affected many lives in the most positive of ways during this period.
The Cottage has changed and is offering a wide variety of services including the Year and a Day course which has proven such a great success.

I seem to have a few minutes in my life where I am doing nothing....he...he
so I am electing to put my hand up and raise some money for the Cottage in my own special way.
I am going to offer tarot readings by mail for a cost of $10 each with 25% of all my earnings going to the Cottage!
Please network this!
I would like to get 100 requests - therefore making a good little bonus for the Cottage coffers.
If you would like a general reading for the next few months ahead, or have some special questions that you would like answered, please send me a cheque or money order to : R.Daniel ( or put ten bucks in an envelope )AND a stamp self addressed envelope and send your request to:
please email me.......( address has been deleted )
This is a great little idea and I hope that it is successful - if all you bloggers will help and network this offer!
I will do O.S. readings for the same price ( I dont mind US Dollars or English Pounds - really )
So, lets get me 100 readings by the end of June!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Visiting mother!

Well today was a horrible experience...the respite centre has been closed down for a few day, not allowing visitors because of a virus so tonight I went to see mum.
She did not recognise me at first - it took a few minutes for her to realise who I was. Then she started with the I want to die thing...I will die here if you leave me here.....I will only last three weeks!!!!
Lots of anger about why we left her there, that she knows that people are left to die in these places...
lots of lost words and lost thoughts....
just really wanting to go home.
She did not even know how to turn off her room lights and how to turn the tap on to pour herself a drink of water.
In the mean time, food was served and a lovely young fellow bought her food and tablets and then bought more food and a drink, making sure that she was able to eat it with me in her room rather than outside in the communal area.
I felt sorry for mum but the point is that she needs full time care at the moment and we cannot provide that for her - I tried to explain this, but it fell on deaf ears.
Outside, people wandered around in a shambolic way, men standing with bags - as if waiting to leave, ladies asking me if I was lost......awful.

Mum is just stuck in her chair, still feeling a lot of pain in her leg and hips not wanting to have anything to do with what is happening outside that door.
English..if I only knew English...
well mum, you had 50 years to learn...but that is a legacy of the migrant generation that arrived after the war...some of them "stayed at home" and only their bodies were here, certainly not their hearts or souls...

also the feeling of creeping souls escaping with me out that door was overwhelming..I wonder how many have died there wanting to escape, wanting to leave and in a way leaving with every departing family member who still is in the land of the living????
Kerry if you read this can you send me your email address - I have a few questions that I would appreciate running past someone with experience.....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

To bag or not to bag..that is the question!

............ are now charging for plastic bags and............
I personally think its a great idea - you want a bag cause you didn't bring your own?
Then pay for it - may make you think twice next time and get those green bags out of the car.
But dont abuse me please....................
You cant imagine how many people have gotten the shits and ..........................
It's been an eye opener cause it has shown me how many people still live in the dark ages and believe that the responsibility for the safety of mother earth lies fairly and squarely in the hands of SOMEONE ELSE...
and this mostly comes from people who already have a handful of shit in other plastic bags and STILL ask for another one.
No way.......
"I AM GOING TO.......................

Dear whoever, I hope that you have come back to check this post and have noted the changes made.
Thankyou for your patronage.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bogan Heaven!

Shades of reliving the past?
Thursday night at a shopping centre - what is it with people?
Talk about idiots coming out of the wood work!
People, stop screaming at each other!
Stop talking on your mobiles at the tops of your voices so that the whole world can hear your sordid business!
Stop yelling and pushing your kids and threatening to" punch their f***ing heads in" a metre from where I am standing.
Gross and disgusting.
Gangs of kids so out of control that the Police have to be called.
So much fun yeah????

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Taking a breath..

Well mum went into Tinonee Gardens today for respite care.
This has been arranged for a duration of six weeks - by then her back should be much better and she should not be in pain, maybe the dementia will have settled down and we will know if she needs to return home or has to be placed in care.
I am really still waiting for a phone call asking me to come and pick her up cause something has gone askew - I have not seen her yet, just dont have the time, getting home after 6pm - its a bit late to waltz into the facility and disrupt dinner time..
How do I feel about it all?
Does it really matter how I feel?
Not really - it's all going to happen anyway, I just need to feel O.K. about it all, that I am doing what "I" feel I need to be doing.It will be painful to "shut up shop" that is, sell the family home and all of mum's goods and shackles while she is still alive. Maybe she will have to come home after all and we will have a reprieve...who knows..