Friday, June 19, 2009

The Show must go on!!!

Well its on again for young and old.
Mum's idea of care and our idea of care are turning out to be two different things.
We cannot manage being there 24 hours a day and my brother is being called at 2am in the morning to come over to make her a cup of tea cause she cannot tell day from night and is up at all hours wondering why it is dark and why she is alone!
She is now really scattered having spent time at the respite centre where eveything was done for her and now expecting the same at home.
So, it now goes to plan 365A.......
we are trying for the Polish respite centre in Sydney which wants an arm and a leg to get her in...
this is all tentative depending on her mood with regard to this idea and whether we can get her in and whether we can get her there and when we can get her there and what sort of fuss she makes in the mean time....and...and....
at least there everyone will be speaking her language but I know it is so far away and it is very expensive as all nursing homes are, and if this happens we will have to sell her house post haste which means cleaning it and doing it up which means soooooooo much hard work cause the place has not been renovated in like 3000 years.....
but one step at a time I far she is still at home and we have to get through the weekend..


Lisa said...


Jen said...

Oh shit Renata

What a headache

And then some!!!!

Hugs to you

If I could speak Polish, i would come and help.

Luv Jen

Wendy said...

Is renting her place out an option at the minute? If you don't need a big outlay, it may help with the ongoing costs and rental properties are in demand at the moment which would help allow the sale price to increase over the next 12 - 24 months.

Just a thought but I know it's not always feasible.

Thinking of you and yours at this time ♥

Michelle said...

Oh bugger...xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Cant rent a two bedroom property and the nursing home will want the bond money asap or they start charging the interest

Wendy said...

That's such a shame but it is good that you have a financial option to get her into a nursing home where she will feel more at home.

Have you and/or your brother discussed the selling of her house with her. I get the feeling there is more that she may be able to shed light on.