Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday night at the Cottage!

What a wonderful evening for our 5th Anniversary!
So many people were there - I am sure that the witch's dinner was great, sorry to have missed it.
I came in on the tail end just in enought time to give Helen's "mini me" a big cuddle through her tears and screams. She is just gorgeous...
I did not get around to everyone individually on the night - sorry if I missed saying hello.
Everyone was a shiny star!
Tania glowed the most in her gorgeous dress and she looked a picture of pregnant health.It was lovely to see Michelle whom I have not laid eyes on for a millenia, and Jane our own Rainbow Warrior, and even Heidi managed to sit quietly in the corner hoping no one would notice her. Jaq's new hair "do" makes her look very sophisicated too.
Thank you to all who contributed to my awesome gift - it was really a huge surprise, but that really needs to be my last "special gift" as the whole crew of the Committee now does such a good job that I am really redundant and need to be relegated to the back bench, and indeed it should be so!
The Cottage has been a sancutary to many over the years, and also an irritant, in a good way, where women have been able to come and get shoved out of their comfort zones, for better or for worse so that they can discover more about themselves and what they can really do if they put their mind to it.
Our guest speaker was thought provoking as usual and really reached out to many saying the words that they all needed to hear and of course we had caramel mud cake..what more could I say!


Wendy said...

Yes a wonderful night - and you thoroughly deserve the special gift!

Esaya-Ran said...

glad you got to meet Dollygirl...even if it was very brief and loud!!!!

glad you liked your gift

Tania said...

Thank you for saying that :)

It felt wonderful to be back there