Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Watching the light fade...

Well, I really dont feel like writing about anything at all for a while..
So I may be here or not as time goes by..
I watch my mother fading with each day.
There are things that she wont do now that she was still doing last week.
I cannot entice her to leave the house.
She is not interested in calling any of her friends or talking to anybody other than me or my brother.
She has forgotten how to change the channels on T.V.
She wont make herself a cup of tea or mix up cordial with water for a drink.
She sleeps most of the time and has disconnected from reading and writing which was something that she was always doing.
She also, at times, has trouble talking with the words just going missing and stops mid sentence often as if she is seeing and looking at things that I do not.
I really dont know how long this will go on for?


Michelle said...

Oh Renata...I'm sorry. I'm thinking of you of course.....its not nice is it. Watching them and waiting, You know where I am if you need

Lisa said...

i could ask if you like ?

Cyndy said...

Renata. I am so sorry. Your mum is determined to do it her way. From here, a lot depends upon how much intervention is provided, welcome or otherwise.

Thinking of you. xoxoxoxo

Jewell said...

not a good place to be for sure, sending love and healing for you all xxx

Lisa said...

smooches dear friend
what is it all about ?
only the universe knows

Kathleen said...

My heart goes out to you Renata, it isn't fun watching a loved one withdrawing from life xxxx

wykd wytch said...

Thank you girls...I have chosen to approach each day with dignity towards my mum and try and do my best and throw away any feelings that may get in the way of the duties I need to perform..and we will take it a day at a time.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you day at a time is my works...Kay