Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching up with mum's keepers..

Called the nursing home today and finally got through - this was my fourth attempt, the other times the phone just rang out ( they must be busy )..
She is fine, so they say, settling in ok and has made some friends one of whom was an old aquaintance from Newcastle.
I did not bother to speak with her as she was having an intense game of "magnetic fish " with the other residents and how could she possibly tear herself away!!!
Otherwise I am having trouble getting things done.
Just like everyone else it seems...I have to take small steps.
Have rung my first real estate agent who is coming out to see the house tomorrow.
Maybe a garage sale this weekend?
Have started walking with Diana again, taking it slowly this time as I am now an elderly citizen.....not like the break neck pace our sweet Gayle made us do...


Jewell said...

you need to walk fast enough that to talk is hard...then you know your heart rate is going up!!!!

None of this chit chat hehehe

Renata Daniel said...

SO over it Jewell......I am too old to get my heart rate up!!!!
I just need to keep moving..that will do me just are always welcome by the way but I am sure that we would not see you for dust after the first two minutes...w.w.

Lisa said...

glad she is doing ok
walking helps they tell me, if i can only put on my shoes......glad you found St Uriel xxx

ps Gayle is a Nazi trainer

Wendy said...

Steady steps - in all aspects, me thinks ♥