Saturday, July 04, 2009

A complication!

Mum took another turn down the rabbit hole, last night or this morning sometime, and I found her in a bad state this morning.
So an ambulance was called and she is in hosptial again.
It may be a urinary tract infection.
They are not sure.
But she is hazy, and disorientated and I assume that this will only get worse over the next few days, as it did last time she was in hospital.
This time, I do not think there will be an opprotunity foir her to return home.
I think we have given it a go - it is what happens when we are not there that has now become the major concern and she is showing us that she just cannot manage it on her own as much as she thinks that she can.
It was all going so well.....


Michelle said...

Sometimes it's easier to have no expectations Renata. Looks like she is running her own race here, and you will just have to go with the flow as best you are's actually more peaceful that way, I have learned

Love to you


Myst_72 said...

I hope whatever happens she is o.k. ~ and you are o.k.


Jewell said...

sorry to hear about your mum, hope you're ok and your mum...sending love and healing xxx

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mum's bad turn but I hope that having full time care will work out better for you all this time. Blessings in love and light.

Lisa said...

sending love sweet one