Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polish Nursing Home Marayong!

Well, I have come back from Sydney today spending some of the day at the Polish Nursing Home at Marayong.
I must say that I was VERY impressed.
The facility is totally new so it is extremely clean and well appointed.
Mum's room, the one we have chosen, is looking out onto a courtyard with a lovely fountain in the middle that she will be able to see from her armchair.
The rooms are quite big, but empty - there is only a single bed, armchair and bedside table.
We can bring some paintings to hang in her room and photos but nothing else other than clothes are allowed.
She also will have an ensuite.
There is a multipurpose meeting area just a few metres down the corridor where there is a TV and dining area with a kitchen that produces Polish food and a Polish menu.
The staff are all Poilsh and so are the other "ïnmates".
The doctor will be Polish as well. They have an on site hairdressing salon, a theatrette, a coffee shop and a church. The priest is also Polish.
All going well I will be taking her down in the next few days and she will be VERY HAPPY.
I really do think so.I believe this atmosphere will really outweigh the fact that we will have limited contact as the weeks go by.
She is in her little world where everyone is her best friend or family member, the T.V. is showing her life story and I can be either her mother, her daughter, her best friend or her neighbour depending on the day.
I am sure that the trip to Sydney will be unsettling but I have asked my mother in law to help on the day.
In the mean time I have to label all her clothes, pack and organise it all so we can pick mum up from the hospital and head off without any hiccups.
This is costing a fortune but it will be worth it, for peace of mind.


Lisa said...

wow- isn't that just divine intervention- most excellent Renata, really wonderful news xx

Jade E. Henderson said...

It sounds like a very good place, and your mum sounds like she is in happier spirits too. Best of luck hun!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like an ideal place for your mum.Good luck my thoughts are with you .Kay

Jewell said...

it certianly does sound like the "ideal" place for your mum.

Cyndy said...

Well done, Renata. It's a shame that we can't all find somewhere that is so culturally appropriate and sensitive for the ones that we love. So often, oldies revert to the "old" language and ways, which can isolate them even further, and make life so very difficult.

Best wishes to you all.


Kerry said...

Thats fantastic news Renata, that your mum can go somewhere that is so apparopriate for her needs.

Great news.