Monday, April 30, 2007

Before I complain yet again.......

The man and I took a trip out to Belmont Hospital this afternoon to book him in for his hernia operation which he will be having in August.(His spots are slowly going by the way.)
On the way back we stopped at the Belmont North Butcher shop, on the main highway, owned by a guy called Dave. The man worked out at Belmont while working on the buses and always got our meat from this guy over the last few years.
This is the same guy that got shot on Boxing Day last year by his own staff member - a low life mug who came in to steal all the Christmas takings ( over $175,000 ). Unfortuantely Dave caught him in the act and was shot protecting his property.
Dave was shot through the left arm which has left it permanently damaged. He also got shot in the stomach area and has lost part of his liver, small intestine, large intestine, bowel and while in hospital he got staph in his spine.
Yet as I listened to his positive outlook on life, on what happened to him and his statement about feeling sorry for the slime bucket who did this to him , I felt ashamed at my own attitude towards life.
To add insult to injury, while Dave was in hospital he hired another butcher to look after his shop so that he would not go bankrupt. This new skumbag ripped him off for over $12,000 by pocketing money and taking stock during his few weeks at the shop.
My goodness, how horrible!
Yet, Dave thanks God that it did not happen to anyone else, that his family was safe, that he is now back at work ( three months before he was due to return ) and he says that he is continually bowled over by people's support and good wishes.
Dave is a great guy. He is Irish. He will have a chat with anyone. He always has fresh beautiful meat and often adds in a freebee for his customers.
Go and say hello and buy some's worth a drive!
Yes this is a plug - but this guy deserves it.
He is a real inspiration and he has certainly put things back into perspective for me and the man.
How do you get to have such an attitude?
God bless you Dave - may he take good care of you from now on.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

What ARE those spots?

The man woke up this morning to find that he was covered head to toe in a red rash.
Oh my's not German Measles is it?
No, no symptoms such a sore throat or fever.
So it was off to the medical clinic in town to see yet another doctor.
Turns out that it was an allergic reaction to his antibiotics.
So, he took some anti histamines and has been lying low all day until he can go to his doctor tomorrow and get the all clear to start new tablets.
Poor boy.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Awaba House!

This morning I had an invitation to go to Awaba House for morning tea with members of my family.
The man's cousin has an older sister who has a mental disability and she lives in a group home close to the lake near Boolaroo and loves the cappuccino's at Awaba House.
So we met her for coffee there this morning.
What a lovely spot it is!
If you have never been, and would like a lovely spot for morning tea, then it is worth a try.
Lots of old people go there....oops...that includes me!!!!!

I have also been to "Sunny's" organic/vegetarian restaurant at Islington this week.
The young lady who currently runs it, her name is Amanda, is very nice indeed and I am going to go and enjoy a meal there very soon. You are all invited, of course!

I am also going to be hitting the markets selling crystal chip bracelets shortly.
I have just placed my first order and am expecting a delivery next week.They will also be on my other blog site at
I am very excited about it all and am hoping that I sell heaps.
You want one...I know.
And you too!
I am doing this, ofcourse, while I am waiting for my big lottery win......ha!

The wheels of progress keep turning...and we have to move along with them.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before you say that you had a bad day........

Today the man and I spent a few hours at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital.
Darling had to get a lesson about self insertion of a catheter.OUCH!!!! He is trying to avoid yet another surgery to remove more scar tissue, by re inserting the catheter every day for about three weeks so that the urinary flow does not block at the neck as it has previously done.
This may work.
It may not.
We shall see.
The man had to first watch a video of the whole process, unfortunately being done by an 85 year old man.That turned the man off the treatment straight away.
But, unpreturbed, he was then given the "equipment" and shown the toilet and told to try it for himself.
"Call if you get stuck" said the nurse.
I then went to get some remedial massage on my very stiff and sore neck and shoulders and spent the next half hour in pain with tears streaming down my face as the masseuse gently massaged two little spots on both sides of my neck.
Ah winter...when I always wake up feeling like I have had a truck parked on my upper body.
Indispersed in all of this I was having to do my mothers shopping and buy her medications, deliver her groceries and also go for a walk as those bloody scales are STILL telling me that I weigh more today than I did yesterday.
Enough for one day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phew! All is well!

The man returned home this morning and all is well.
Blood clots were blocking the catheter,so it was removed and he is feeling much better.
It meant an overnight stay at the hospital, just to make sure that all was ok.
Tomorrow we go back to see his doctor. No coffeeing at Goldbergs for me girls, unless it is in the evening.If you are all still going at 11 then have one for me and I will catch up with you all on Saturday or Monday at the Cottage.

As for today - it is Anzac day and bloody pissing down.
I have a soft spot for the diggers - they are not my ancestors, but I do feel some sort of connection to the spirit of the Anzacs.

The whole thing was such a hopeless situation from the start and it proved more insane as the days, then months, continued. These lads were so young and believed they were fighting for freedom.
I am reminded of another battle that occurred during WW2 which was named the Battle for Monte Cassino in Italy. The allies were fighting their way up from southern Italy towards Rome, and the abbey of Monte Cassino stood at the strongest point of a powerful German defensive line. Monte Cassino was an important milestone in this struggle. The soldiers involved in that battle were convinced that by helping to solve the problems concerning the whole of Europe, they were on the way to an independent Poland.
It became the symbol of the most noble values of the Polish spirit, and above all of the courage and willingness to give one's life for 'your freedom and ours' - just like the Anzacs in Gallipoli.
It was known as one of the hardest fought battles of WW2 and the victory came at an incredible cost of loss of life.
The poppy is again very symbolic of this battle as the hills around the mount were scattered with these flowers. On the Mount was an abbey founded by St benedict in AD600,one of the most famous in Europe, which held some art treasures that now are stored at the Vatican.
It is said that the generals often disagreed on battle stategy and made many mistakes during this battle that lasted four moths with over one quarter of a million dead or wounded.For many Poles this is one of those places and battles that stands apart from others, just like Gallipoli for the Aussies.
So today I remember them all.
Lest we forget.

So what else can happen?

It just gone 12 midnight.
I have made myself another coffee and the man has just left to drive himself to hospital.
He has had blood in his urine all day.
This is kind of expected at this stage , but we think that there could be a clot blocking the water works.
So it's off to hospital to get it sorted.
It may mean catheter removal, an overnight stay...I don't know what.
I am staying put...little one is asleep upstairs.
I sit and contemplate the fragile line between sanity and insanity that is currently in my life.
I am beyond the worrying stage.
I need to trust that all will be well.
I need to just go and do some distance reiki healing and turn off stupid big brother which is blaring at me on the t.v. right now.

Another bargearse Mary joins the ranks!

Yes ladies! I am, as you say you are, watching my backside getting wider and saggier as each day passes.
Ooohh ahhh!!
How does this happen?
Maybe it's because I haven't exercised since January.
Maybe it's my propensity (big word) for eating chocolate.
All I know is that by June they will be doing a story on me on "Medical Miracles".It will be called, "The Woman whose arse would not stop growing".
Two food jokes for you...

Wife: The two things I cook best are meatloaf and apple pie.
Husband:And which one is this?

A man ordered a takeaway pizza. The waiter said:"Shall I cut it into six pieces or twelve?"
"Six pieces", said the man.
"I could never eat twelve".

Monday, April 23, 2007

and so it continues....

Three wise men arrived to visit the child lying in the manger. One of the wise men was exceptionally tall and bumped his head on the low door way as he entered the stable.
"Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed.
Joseph said: "Write that down Mary. It's better than Wayne".

Can you tell I got a new joke book!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joke of the Day!

Jesus and Satan were having an arguement about who was better on the computer.
They had been niggling at each other for days when God decided to step in and finish the bickering between the two.
"I am going to set you both a test and I will be the Judge" said God.
So Jesus and Satan set about a two hour test with spread sheets,reports,e-mails, downloads, every test that God could think of to see who was better on the computer!
Ten minutes before they were due to finish, a lightening bolt flashed across the sky and the electricity went off.
Satan stared at his blank screen and went off his nut, screaming every obscenity he could think of.
Jesus simply sighed.
Eventually the electricity came back on.
Jesus and Satan both restarted their computers.
Satan began frantically searching for his work.
"It's gone! It's all gone" he screamed.
"I lost everything when the power went out".
Meanwhile Jesus quietly went about printing out his files from the past two hours.
Seeing this Satan became furious.
"Jesus cheated" said Satan.
"How did he do that?" he said.
God shrugged and simply said "Jesus saves".

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Book!

I am currently reading "The Gift" by Mia Dolan a psychic from England.
It is very interesting and I have gotten to the part where she has just come to terms with having a "guide called Eric - and she is trying out her abilities.
Mia had a horrendous life, having gone through so much at such a young age.
She talks to Eric about whether there is a God and why is there so much misery on Earth if, in fact, there is a God.
The answer she receives is that we are all here to experience the full gamut of emotions so that our soul can fully grow, when we die, we get to judge our performance in this lifetime and to chose what our next level of advancement should be. So, I guess, the more we suffer in our lifetime, the more nearer the end of our soul's journey we are.

Eric says, " If you had a child who was very sick and a doctor told you that if he could take your child for a year and return that chld to you cured, but that during that year your child would have to suffer, would you give your child to the doctor?
Mia answers, "Of course, I would - if I knew that after the year, my child would be totally cured".
Eric says, "and so YOU come down to Earth".

Eric says to Mia that new souls are fragile and cannot handle the tough situations so their lives seem to be a breeze with little hardship, while those who have experienced much in past lives, seem to have the bar raised to extreme proportions, so that they may learn the final lessons in empathy and gratitude.
What happens after that?
I don't know, haven't got that far in the book yet.
But it makes sense to me - I have always said that those who have an easy life don't ever seem to have a need for spirituality, but those who have had a tortured life turn to spirituality. Look at all of us Marys?
We have all had our fair share of "shit" to deal with...HAVEN'T WE.

Friday, April 20, 2007

So why DOES everything always happen at once?

Why is it that everything seems to always happen at once?
Why can't things be better organised so that they happen bit by bit, instead of a mass of crap all at once ....then random moments of reprieve.

Mother's stitches are just not healing and that's a worry in an elderly person.
We have a community nurse comming over and dressing her wound for the next few days as it is just too much for either my brother or I to keep handling.

The man is O.K. Tired today. He came home around midday and will spend the next few days taking it easy.

I took little miss to Jesmond this afternoon to get some clothes for the Great Aussie Bush Camp which she is going to next week.
Does every piece of clothing really have to be black?
I guess so.

I am doing my last day at the book sale at Greenhills tomorrow.

I have no idea how people who work full time manage their lives....
I am totally incompetent at keeping a tidy house and some semblance of organisation flowing with what little work I occassionally get.
Everything seems so fractured.
I tip my hat to all those hard working women who seem to fit in 8 hours of work, outside the home, as well as keeping to household running. You are all miracle workers.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not Again!!!!!!

The man is in hospital again!!!!!
The water works started to seize up and so it was time to get a "re - bore" as he called it!
So he called his doctor, and as he was in surgery, the nurse said that she would call back.
When she did, she told him that his doctor was going on holidays (yet again) so he would be seen at the hospital today.....for an operation.
I guess that the doc felt that he was already dressed for the occassion, what would another 20 minutes in theatre cost him?
Again, we didn't even get a chance to contemplate going to the John.
So it was off to Lake Macquarie Private, and by 2pm today he was checked in and waiting to go.

Well, all went well and his recovery starts again.
Again the catheter, again a bag, again discomfort.

Oh, by the way, my big premonition about winning money came true today.
$20 on Oz lotto!!!!!
Well....Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!!

I am praying tonight that this is the mans last visit to hospital this year, but, the doc has said that it could happen we will just wait and see.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Haunted buildings new legislation passed in England

My "other" blog site at has an interesting article submitted to me by an avid reader about new legislation being introduced in England whereby owners of property have to disclose to the buyer if their home has a resident ghost!
How fascinating...
Does that mean that we are admitting that this phenomenon is real?
Please read.
I have had a lot of dreams about money I am madly buying lotto.
Maybe it's a premonition. I would hate to have been given a sign by spirit and not done anything about it.
Maybe I am just triggering my own needs on a subconscious level during my dreams...but these dreams are so real, so real that they are unbelievable.
I love dreaming.
I have THE BEST adventures!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A new week starts!

This week is another big one for me....doing some real work again. Filling in at the book sale down at Greenhills.It certainly is a sleepy old place. I am dying a slow death from boredom down there!!!!
My older daughter took her doggie, Elvis to Kylie's place today. She was very sad at having to say goodbye. Of course, as usual, I could not be there with her, cause I was working, but the man went with her.
I hope that it all works out - it would be miserable to get a call in a few days to come and get doggie cause things just aren't working out.
I realised this morning that I now have to wear my glasses almost all the time as my eyesight has deteriorated so much. I have to put them on first thing in the morning so that I can watch tv ( which I do when I am having my first coffee of the day).
Thats depressing!!!!!!Oh, I know that heaps of people wear glass and don't whine about was only a few weeks ago when I only need them do read.

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Friday 13th!

Well, Friday 13th sneeked up on us! I thought about maybe meeting up for coffee, but left it too late!
So am sitting at home eating Lindt chocolate.
The man is at a work smoko and manga freak child is on the computer.
I am very lucky - all is well and the chocolate is good!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Healing Room opening!

Last night's Healing Room opening at the Cottage was brilliant.
I am very sure that much good work will happen in the room.
The highlight of the evening was Leanne's emmotive beely dance performance that drew gasps from the girls. She is so talented.
Also we have another artistic masterpiece hanging in the healing room created by our own Michelle.An etherial mix of purples and reds brings together an image of a goddess in full energetic power swirling the energies of the universe into play!
I wish my brain could think up such a concept!
The howl in the room itself , as simple as it was, was probably one of the most memorable moments for all of us.
Clearing old energies and dispersing negative gremlins was achieved by a spine tingling howl by over 20 people. I had goose bumps!
We drew the raffle and low and behold most of our regulars won the prizes - no, it wasn't rigged!
I had a brilliant night - I feel very proud of what we have all achieved.
The sense of community is real and growing.
Blessings to you all.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Too many Easter Eggs...
Too much food!
Too much lazing around making me even more lazier!
Haven't done anything at all today.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Friday Ramblings

Today can be thought of as the day of ultimate guilt for all catholics the world over - cause we are to blame for one man's sacrifice over 2000 years ago.
I FEEL Guilty!
I come from an era where we were continually told to be on bended knee to pray for forgiveness for our sins and that Jesus died for us, for me....cause I was a bad, bad thing...and confession was the only cure.
Do you remember confession?
I stopped that horrible activity as soon as I got out of catholic school.
The last time I had to submit to it was just before I married my first husband - it was part of what had to happen before I was allowed to get married in a catholic church.It was humiliating.
And to add insult to injury I chose to spend some time with my mother today - she has the amazing ability of sending me on a guilt trip at any given moment in time by just uttering a few well placed words. She chose to do so today.
All this while I was viewing a story on t.v. about the 'weeping madonnas". Did you not see it?
Oh, sorry, maybe you have a life!
All was going well, madonnas from all over the world were crying tears of rose oil and blood and it was pretty impressive until one priest, actually from Australia, had to pipe up and say that there is only one messiah, and that is JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that then sizzled my brain.
I thought.
Does that mean that all those people who go to the grottos and churches to ask for a miracle from Mary have to be catholic? Cause obviously only catholics get the key to the pearly gates.Do people from other beliefs even go? I mean, I know when I am desperate I will try anything right?
So, if I was of another belief would I have to sneek in under cover,maybe in false moustache and dark glasses so the others would not recognize me as being non catholic, would I even get a look in from Mary at all, would she say, "Back off you non catholic person you...I am not going to even begin to listen to your prayers".
Why did that have to put in that bigoted statement at all.
It was all so wonderful up to that point.
Things like miracles are so pure, then some ugly people have to get their hands on them shred them to pieces.
Happy Good Friday and......... don't feel guilty.

Traffic Jam!

I had the extrodinary experience of being stuck in the biggest traffic jam eva!!!! today as I found myself returning from Maitland at around 3pm and found myself on the same road as every other poor bastard in the Hunter Valley trying to get out of town to their alloted camping/holiday spot BEFORE the traffic got really bad.

Far took over and hour and a half to get from East Maitland to Wallsend. In the process I witnessed 3 car accidents and one frustatrated ambulance that could not get passed the traffic and had to mount the median strip but ended up boxed in from all sides at the next set of traffic lights anyway.

People were driving like possessed beings from another dimension - who gave them licences in the first place?

I left as Aphrodite but arrived as the Hydra!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Diabetic shoes and such

I don't know why people with diabetes need special "ugly" shoes, but there you are!

If anyone knows why, let me know...maybe something happens to their feet when they get diabetes?

I got a new pair of eyes yesterday and have already misplaced them twice... I need a beeper for my glasses so I know where they are at ALL times.


The dust in my house must have watched "the Secret" while I was out, cause it has learnt how to attract more dust to the house perfectly.

Maybe I should watch it vewy,vewy,cwowswy........shh.