Saturday, April 28, 2007

Awaba House!

This morning I had an invitation to go to Awaba House for morning tea with members of my family.
The man's cousin has an older sister who has a mental disability and she lives in a group home close to the lake near Boolaroo and loves the cappuccino's at Awaba House.
So we met her for coffee there this morning.
What a lovely spot it is!
If you have never been, and would like a lovely spot for morning tea, then it is worth a try.
Lots of old people go there....oops...that includes me!!!!!

I have also been to "Sunny's" organic/vegetarian restaurant at Islington this week.
The young lady who currently runs it, her name is Amanda, is very nice indeed and I am going to go and enjoy a meal there very soon. You are all invited, of course!

I am also going to be hitting the markets selling crystal chip bracelets shortly.
I have just placed my first order and am expecting a delivery next week.They will also be on my other blog site at
I am very excited about it all and am hoping that I sell heaps.
You want one...I know.
And you too!
I am doing this, ofcourse, while I am waiting for my big lottery win......ha!

The wheels of progress keep turning...and we have to move along with them.


Jacqui said...

"You want one...I know.
And you too!"

Hmmm, I guess you'd know. You're PSYCHIC, after all....


Anchell said...

Is she? Oh wow.....does that make her, like, famous or weird or something?

Jacqui said...

Hmmm, definitely weird, dunno about famous.....

Lisa said...

freakish is a more accurate description, and out to make a million selling gorgeous little bracelets..........I want a red coral one and an amethyst as well-will probably end up with one of each..........booftul !

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys....I know I can depend on youse!!!!Renata.