Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joke of the Day!

Jesus and Satan were having an arguement about who was better on the computer.
They had been niggling at each other for days when God decided to step in and finish the bickering between the two.
"I am going to set you both a test and I will be the Judge" said God.
So Jesus and Satan set about a two hour test with spread sheets,reports,e-mails, downloads, every test that God could think of to see who was better on the computer!
Ten minutes before they were due to finish, a lightening bolt flashed across the sky and the electricity went off.
Satan stared at his blank screen and went off his nut, screaming every obscenity he could think of.
Jesus simply sighed.
Eventually the electricity came back on.
Jesus and Satan both restarted their computers.
Satan began frantically searching for his work.
"It's gone! It's all gone" he screamed.
"I lost everything when the power went out".
Meanwhile Jesus quietly went about printing out his files from the past two hours.
Seeing this Satan became furious.
"Jesus cheated" said Satan.
"How did he do that?" he said.
God shrugged and simply said "Jesus saves".


Anchell said...

aww blimey charlie........

rainbowspirit said...


Lisa said...

that joke is SO you renata!!!!!!!!!!

Tesah said...

lol classic!

Jacqui said...

Jesus saves, but Moses invests....

Kathleen said...

Hehehe : )