Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So what else can happen?

It just gone 12 midnight.
I have made myself another coffee and the man has just left to drive himself to hospital.
He has had blood in his urine all day.
This is kind of expected at this stage , but we think that there could be a clot blocking the water works.
So it's off to hospital to get it sorted.
It may mean catheter removal, an overnight stay...I don't know what.
I am staying put...little one is asleep upstairs.
I sit and contemplate the fragile line between sanity and insanity that is currently in my life.
I am beyond the worrying stage.
I need to trust that all will be well.
I need to just go and do some distance reiki healing and turn off stupid big brother which is blaring at me on the t.v. right now.


Anchell said...

Oh bugger!
Thinking of you and sending good stuff.

Tesah said...

We are all with you on this!! Love and light

Kathleen said...

Yes, sending love and light straight away : )

Lisa said...

wow. am shocked to read this this morning- hoping that all is ok for most gorgeous voiced husband and for you too- its horrible when they need to go to hospital by themselves because we are grounded in the nest.
love you renata- you are doing fine