Monday, April 02, 2007

Diabetic shoes and such

I don't know why people with diabetes need special "ugly" shoes, but there you are!

If anyone knows why, let me know...maybe something happens to their feet when they get diabetes?

I got a new pair of eyes yesterday and have already misplaced them twice... I need a beeper for my glasses so I know where they are at ALL times.


The dust in my house must have watched "the Secret" while I was out, cause it has learnt how to attract more dust to the house perfectly.

Maybe I should watch it vewy,vewy,cwowswy........shh.


Jacqui said...

Diabetics are notorious for having leg and feet troubles, even having to have amputations. Something to do with blood flow. Don't know how shoes would help, maybe they don't constrict blood vessels as much?

Cyndy said...

That's why the shoes are sensibly adjustable in every direction...