Sunday, April 15, 2007

A new week starts!

This week is another big one for me....doing some real work again. Filling in at the book sale down at Greenhills.It certainly is a sleepy old place. I am dying a slow death from boredom down there!!!!
My older daughter took her doggie, Elvis to Kylie's place today. She was very sad at having to say goodbye. Of course, as usual, I could not be there with her, cause I was working, but the man went with her.
I hope that it all works out - it would be miserable to get a call in a few days to come and get doggie cause things just aren't working out.
I realised this morning that I now have to wear my glasses almost all the time as my eyesight has deteriorated so much. I have to put them on first thing in the morning so that I can watch tv ( which I do when I am having my first coffee of the day).
Thats depressing!!!!!!Oh, I know that heaps of people wear glass and don't whine about was only a few weeks ago when I only need them do read.


Lisa said...

yes, my angel, you are getting old and blind like the rest of eyes stayed at the the same prescription for almost 10 years before changing almost over night- wonderful new about Elvis, hope it all works out- I hate greenhills........yuk !

Cyndy said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!

I can relate to the vision thing. I didn't think I needed goggles UNTIL I picked up Beloved's new glasses from the optometrist, who he asked me if I wore them, and suggested (bloody man) that as I was approaching THAT age, that I might like to come in and have my vision checked, adding that he would be VERY surprised if I didn't need some intervention (Bloody man!!). I told him I'd be in after I had my knees and teeth fixed, thank you very much..... I think he put some type of hex on me as I've had trouble reading ever since.... ;0P