Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Book!

I am currently reading "The Gift" by Mia Dolan a psychic from England.
It is very interesting and I have gotten to the part where she has just come to terms with having a "guide called Eric - and she is trying out her abilities.
Mia had a horrendous life, having gone through so much at such a young age.
She talks to Eric about whether there is a God and why is there so much misery on Earth if, in fact, there is a God.
The answer she receives is that we are all here to experience the full gamut of emotions so that our soul can fully grow, when we die, we get to judge our performance in this lifetime and to chose what our next level of advancement should be. So, I guess, the more we suffer in our lifetime, the more nearer the end of our soul's journey we are.

Eric says, " If you had a child who was very sick and a doctor told you that if he could take your child for a year and return that chld to you cured, but that during that year your child would have to suffer, would you give your child to the doctor?
Mia answers, "Of course, I would - if I knew that after the year, my child would be totally cured".
Eric says, "and so YOU come down to Earth".

Eric says to Mia that new souls are fragile and cannot handle the tough situations so their lives seem to be a breeze with little hardship, while those who have experienced much in past lives, seem to have the bar raised to extreme proportions, so that they may learn the final lessons in empathy and gratitude.
What happens after that?
I don't know, haven't got that far in the book yet.
But it makes sense to me - I have always said that those who have an easy life don't ever seem to have a need for spirituality, but those who have had a tortured life turn to spirituality. Look at all of us Marys?
We have all had our fair share of "shit" to deal with...HAVEN'T WE.


Anchell said...

Goddamn right!

12 at goldbergs on thursday if this is what you are referring to!

Jacqui said...

Sounds like a great book. Full of truths too.

Jac xXx

Kathleen said...

Yes ... I have asked and sought spiritual answers to what I have experienced in my life ... I read a powerful quote this morning that said "I am the one who is strong enough to carry the life 'God' has given me" ... which resonates powerfully for me!

I am proud to be part of this group of Marys!

Lisa said...

yep, thats right renata, so right.....I must read the book next- do not allow ankle to cut in front of me !......hope all is well with gorgeous man

Anchell said...

Jus pretend she didnt say that!! I am a very fast reader and much faster than her.....pah!

Anonymous said...

I love you crazy crazy peoples.....Renata.

Cyndy said...

sometimes ignorance is bliss.... now I know you're all horrified....