Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phew! All is well!

The man returned home this morning and all is well.
Blood clots were blocking the catheter,so it was removed and he is feeling much better.
It meant an overnight stay at the hospital, just to make sure that all was ok.
Tomorrow we go back to see his doctor. No coffeeing at Goldbergs for me girls, unless it is in the evening.If you are all still going at 11 then have one for me and I will catch up with you all on Saturday or Monday at the Cottage.

As for today - it is Anzac day and bloody pissing down.
I have a soft spot for the diggers - they are not my ancestors, but I do feel some sort of connection to the spirit of the Anzacs.

The whole thing was such a hopeless situation from the start and it proved more insane as the days, then months, continued. These lads were so young and believed they were fighting for freedom.
I am reminded of another battle that occurred during WW2 which was named the Battle for Monte Cassino in Italy. The allies were fighting their way up from southern Italy towards Rome, and the abbey of Monte Cassino stood at the strongest point of a powerful German defensive line. Monte Cassino was an important milestone in this struggle. The soldiers involved in that battle were convinced that by helping to solve the problems concerning the whole of Europe, they were on the way to an independent Poland.
It became the symbol of the most noble values of the Polish spirit, and above all of the courage and willingness to give one's life for 'your freedom and ours' - just like the Anzacs in Gallipoli.
It was known as one of the hardest fought battles of WW2 and the victory came at an incredible cost of loss of life.
The poppy is again very symbolic of this battle as the hills around the mount were scattered with these flowers. On the Mount was an abbey founded by St benedict in AD600,one of the most famous in Europe, which held some art treasures that now are stored at the Vatican.
It is said that the generals often disagreed on battle stategy and made many mistakes during this battle that lasted four moths with over one quarter of a million dead or wounded.For many Poles this is one of those places and battles that stands apart from others, just like Gallipoli for the Aussies.
So today I remember them all.
Lest we forget.


Anchell said...

Good for the man.

Cyndy said...

I can't imagine sending off GG's friends and some of Jack's too, to war... but it can still happen.....

Lisa said...

good news, great actually.... x

Bee said...

heres to arek xxxx