Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not Again!!!!!!

The man is in hospital again!!!!!
The water works started to seize up and so it was time to get a "re - bore" as he called it!
So he called his doctor, and as he was in surgery, the nurse said that she would call back.
When she did, she told him that his doctor was going on holidays (yet again) so he would be seen at the hospital today.....for an operation.
I guess that the doc felt that he was already dressed for the occassion, what would another 20 minutes in theatre cost him?
Again, we didn't even get a chance to contemplate going to the John.
So it was off to Lake Macquarie Private, and by 2pm today he was checked in and waiting to go.

Well, all went well and his recovery starts again.
Again the catheter, again a bag, again discomfort.

Oh, by the way, my big premonition about winning money came true today.
$20 on Oz lotto!!!!!
Well....Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!!

I am praying tonight that this is the mans last visit to hospital this year, but, the doc has said that it could happen we will just wait and see.


Anchell said...

poor plumbing of arek...poor arek...poor you
$20 is just a warm whats my share??

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you xOx

Anonymous said...

A cup of coffee do you my dear until I hit the big one?Renata.

Tesah said...

Thinking of you guys. Congrats on the Lotto win! ot many people cna say they've won Lotto! (shhhhh, just don't tell them how much it is!!)

Anonymous said...

Truely, $20.....You'll be getting it tomorrow!!!!!!Renata.

Cyndy said...

Poor man. The same thing happened to Beloved's Dad last year, but he had had radiation therapy, not surgery. His case was extreme as he thought that his problem was more age related (he was 78 at the time) and he had had his treatment quite while previously, so the two things weren't considered connected initially. Poor man was in absolute agony. And yes, it did happen more than once. But now you know what to look out for. It it doesn't mean it will happen to your gorgeous man again anyway.

Good thoughts coming your way xoxoox

Lisa said...

sending love- its one thing I have plenty of......