Friday, April 20, 2007

So why DOES everything always happen at once?

Why is it that everything seems to always happen at once?
Why can't things be better organised so that they happen bit by bit, instead of a mass of crap all at once ....then random moments of reprieve.

Mother's stitches are just not healing and that's a worry in an elderly person.
We have a community nurse comming over and dressing her wound for the next few days as it is just too much for either my brother or I to keep handling.

The man is O.K. Tired today. He came home around midday and will spend the next few days taking it easy.

I took little miss to Jesmond this afternoon to get some clothes for the Great Aussie Bush Camp which she is going to next week.
Does every piece of clothing really have to be black?
I guess so.

I am doing my last day at the book sale at Greenhills tomorrow.

I have no idea how people who work full time manage their lives....
I am totally incompetent at keeping a tidy house and some semblance of organisation flowing with what little work I occassionally get.
Everything seems so fractured.
I tip my hat to all those hard working women who seem to fit in 8 hours of work, outside the home, as well as keeping to household running. You are all miracle workers.
Have a good weekend.


Lisa said...

yes, they are. Life is hard and you are an amzing woman with the load you have to you x

rainbowspirit said...

i totally agree with you!! I COULD NOT COPE WORKING FULL TIME INDEFINATELY!! a couple of weeks full keeps me reeling.

best wishes to all

Anchell said...

Yes they must be black......
Love and ENERGY to you mary. I dont know how they cope either and probably neither do they at times!

Cyndy said...

We just keep on doing what we have to, right? I don't work full-time, I don't have a spotless house; it's a lived-in home. My family are fed, although not necessarily with home-cooked (packaged sauces and recipe bases were invented for a reason) or organic produce, but they're healthy anyway. And they're happy. That is the mark of success; the measure of happiness and contentment, not what we have, nor the level sterility of our abode.
And black is fine, but the older the clothes are the better due the the activities, but it's hard to convince the kids that; it always seems to be something of a fashion parade.