Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been vewy, vewy qwiet!!!!!!

Very quiet week this week.
The weekend sees me heading down to Sydney tomorrow to an Anime Convention at the University of NSW - I have not been around that area of Sydney before so the thought of catching buses and such is just a little daunting....also I have baby girk and friend tagging along. She and friend will have a ball, I will be bored out of my brain!!!

Sunday, there is a huge Prostate Cancer Seminar being held at the Town Hall here in Newcastle, and as we are part of the local Prostate Cancer Support Group, we are going along to hear some guest speakers and mingle with the rest.
Should be a good day and am looking forward to it.

A friend of ours had a baby girl last night, must ask Gayle whether she attended....but they called the bub Jadah DAPHNE!!!!!!, Daphne????
It is Grandma's name apparently...may the Goddess bless baby, who from now on, will always be known as Daph by me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wet, Cold...well it is winter!

nothing to report.
All good.
"If you havent got all the things that you want, be grateful for all the things that you don't have that you don't want!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Psychic Fair this weekend!

Doing a Psychic Fair this Saturday at Telarah Bowling Club from 3pm to 9pm.
It is a fundraiser for a local footy club.

It has been a good week - I have done four readings with one already booked in for next week.
That is cool.
I also have a party booking for later on this year from a lady that called all the way from Melbourne. She is having a hen's night at Pokolbin.
I am up for it - cannot let a job slip by at this stage.
Even if I have to travel a bit to get there.

I am told we are under the influences of the Goddess Fortuna - well bring it on baby!!
May I be blessed with the magick stick many times over!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What the?

Had a dream last night that baby girk wanted a rabbit's foot lucky charm.
I had to chase after it in all these shops until I finally got one - It cost only $4 from this dodgy old guy in a shop behind another shop and when we finally went in to buy it he wouldn't sell it to us without trying to sell us two.
The dream ended before I walked out with it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frikken Cold!

For Goodness sake - will someone turn a heater on?
Even my Wiggles shirt isn't keeping me warm.
But, the jasmine is blooming and so winter is coming to an end.
I guess we should enjoy the colder weather while we still can - soon we will be whinging that it is too hot.
To anyone who is interested in my progress in the exercise stakes..
well I am still going, but have not lost any weight.
Anyway, it must be doing me some good whether I lose anything or not.
I have also finally gotten some massage approved by those arseholes at Allianz ( can I suggest that you never, ever use Allianz for anything )and so I had a blissful session this morning.
Now this rain will cripple me again...but
Going for another session on Friday.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pilgrims Pope-ulate Sydney!

Phew! Thank God that's over.
Now all those insanely happy Christians can go home and leave us to get on with our miserable lives.

I watched some of the Papal Mass at Randwick on tele today and was impressed with the whole set up. The beautiful Australian wildflowers on the stage where the Pope celebrated Mass and the southern cross on the priest's robes were great Aussie touches. The Pope's referral to the church as "she" seemed to mess with my brain - if the Church can be a "she" why can't there be more flesh and bone "she's" as "her" representatives? mmmmm?
When DID Jesus decide that all priests are to remain celibate their whole lives?
But, I digress,
we do live in the great southern land, and we can be proud of the fact, that, in most cases, we are one multicutural community that makes it work.

It's going to rain - my back feels like it has been sawn in two!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Garage Sale proves Pope-ular!!!!

Today's garage sale went off with a bang!
I sold heaps and was well pleased.
So did the dragon lady, crystal faerie and the honey Bee as well as Hissy fit sister of the Sister Mother Mary.
To be sure we will be having another one soon.
It amazes me what people will buy - not that our stuff was shit, but I really think that the regulars go around looking for bargains and then these same items appear at other sales a few weeks down the track.
I heard stories, from others who had held garage sales, of people climbing fences at 5.30 in the morning to see what was on offer...
man, I would be hitting them with a broom and telling them to get a life.
It was certainly fun, accept that it is such a long morning from 7am...I thought that I had been there for hours and realised that it was only we sent the Dragon Lady for Gloria Jeans ( blessed be ) and that kept us going.

Now I head for an afternoon with my dear mother - that should top off my weekend and tomorrow I am sleeping in....shhhhhh...don't bother me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pope visits our Mary and the Health Nazi sends one of her henchmen!

Well Popi is visiting mary Mckillop's grave as I type...this is the third Popi to visit and she still is being ignored...
She needs another miracle,
she is short one..
tragic isn't it?
Surely one miracle is enough??
Not for Popi, obviously.
I hope our Mary ArtyFarty has a little word in his ear when she has her "private" meeting with him today.
In the mean time, here we were thinking that we would get a nice easy stroll today and who turned up?
Dragon Lady!!!!!
Obviously the health Nazi passed the torch to her late last night cause her arse was on fire too!!!
Dragon Lady left us for dead, wheezing and coughing metres behind as she tore up the track.
Totally shameful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sore Thighs - Losing my Will to Live!

Thinking about:
....Watching "the One" last night - seeing poor young Mitchell being booted out.
Ouch.....he really did well and was dignified about leaving.Good on him!I could not have been judged in such a way cause I'm a wuss!
....The Pope in Oz - could the Muslims have done something similar and have been treated equally? What about us wiccans or pagans? What if we held "World Pagan Day" and carried around pictures of the Goddess in all her forms and faces?
....Michelle, and knowing that feeling of missing out on all the fun at the Cottage. Feeling left out, so far away from friends.We do love ya 'chell.
....Feeling the dynamics change at home with the man going back to work and being the main breadwinner again.
....missing the man, and knowing how important my relationship with him still is to me.
....thinking about close ones dealing and dying of cancer and how horrid that is.
....getting baby girl to get serious about school work and cleaning up her room.
....Feeling that my identity is one that I have 'settled' on - that I really do not know what my identity is.
Understanding that I am never really "enough" for anybody - that they think that I should be different, better, less, more, happier, funnier, prettier, more available, understanding, psychic, loving,optimistic,modern, trendy,capable - maybe I'll stop there.
How do I do all of that?
Most of the time I am just fumbling through, trying to keep my head above the water line...
....contemplating YAAD and what I am teaching and what it is teaching me.
....needing to find some real work and having no desire whatsoever to do so..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The next Masterpiece is finished...

I have a very unique name for this one.
It's called "Fruit Bowl"... ( he he )
This one took about five lessons to complete and I must say, I thought it was going to be easy, but it wasn't.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The health Nazi pulls out the whip!

Last night the health nazi whipped us into a real lather of sweat ( accept that it was too cold to sweat ).
It was not a walk at all, it was a run accept that our feet remained on the ground.
I wore a hole in my pants from my thighs rubbing together at such a fast pace.
But I must say, I did weigh myself this morning and I have lost 2kgs so I am very impressed and will keep going with this torture for at least another week.
The car is out and I am manifesting a sale as soon as possible.

Saying of the week:"I have enough money to last me the rest of my life - unless I buy something!" - Jackie Mason

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coffee Machines and shattered dreams!

The man has busted two coffee machines in just a few short months ( over use methinks ) and finally returned the last piece of cheap shit that we bought to replace the other piece of cheap shit that started to leak water and has now brought a slightly more expensive piece of shit...

I have discovered Gloria Jean's coffee with a shot of vanilla............

Have started to walk with the health nazi and hippy witch.
All my muscles ample arse hurts too.
The health nazi walks like her pants are on fire and thinks us oldies can too...
she is wrong..

I guess she'll want me to watch what I eat next...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Are you "THE ONE"?

So did we all watch "the One" tonight?
Well, dear old Mitchell Coombes made an appearance - didn't he do well!!!
Now there's one smart guy who has worked out how to market himself that's for sure.
Were you impressed by the psychics?
Some were certainly very accurate.

I am sure glad it wasn't me doing all of that - I would have died of embarrassment ( I would not have anything to wear!!!!!)
I would have been doing the "walk of shame" in no time!
It will be interesing to see how it continues...

unfortunately our friend Martin is losing his battle with cancer - he has a very limited time left and I continue to ask for prayers for his family to cope with this awful time.
May His Goddess and/or God take him into their arms with calm and dignity and cradle him in comfort.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Prayers needed please!

Hubby has a friend from work who has been suffering with cancer for a while now and things are just about the worst that they can now we need prayers and distance reiki.
His name is Martin.
He has two young kids and a wife.
He is now at home waiting for one more round of chemo, but cant have it cause he is malnourished and too weak to have it at the moment.
He is a really, really nice guy.

So we need to pray for him and please send reiki - spend a minute, even to think about him and it will help.

Makes all of us reconsider our priorities and stop sweating the small stuff...

Thank you.

by the way on a lighter note..
New program on Prime this Tuesday at 7.30 called "the One" Australia's gifted Psychics search for a lost child....should be mmmmmmm interesting.

Hey Hey Its Saturday!

Another week done and dusted.
It's been a big one.
The man back at work. A barbie mobile and a child with gold plated, diamond encrusted wires in her mouth.
At least they are all good things...I could have had truely bad news.
So, in the midst of all this change, all things are as they need to be.
Thngs are constantly changing, always...we don't even seem to get the time to get used to one thing and then is gone and we have to deal with something else.
School holidays...mmmmm
annoying bored children at home with "nothing to do".
Baby girk can rest at ease, she delivered an outstanding report card ( except for maths )so she can enjoy her computer these holidays without too much hassle from me.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Braces Day!

Poor baby girk gets her braces today.
It has been a long journey. I am hoping her teeth are in good condition.
She had to have them cleaned and checked and has had to brush and floss to keep gum disease at bay.
This is the start of a long association with Mr.F****g Expensive Dentist - but she will have a million dollar smile when it's all over.
The man is at home today - he has worked two full days.
It's his day off.
He is over it already.
I go see mother this afternoon.
All in all a very happy day!