Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frikken Cold!

For Goodness sake - will someone turn a heater on?
Even my Wiggles shirt isn't keeping me warm.
But, the jasmine is blooming and so winter is coming to an end.
I guess we should enjoy the colder weather while we still can - soon we will be whinging that it is too hot.
To anyone who is interested in my progress in the exercise stakes..
well I am still going, but have not lost any weight.
Anyway, it must be doing me some good whether I lose anything or not.
I have also finally gotten some massage approved by those arseholes at Allianz ( can I suggest that you never, ever use Allianz for anything )and so I had a blissful session this morning.
Now this rain will cripple me again...but
Going for another session on Friday.


Graffiti said...

Its pouring with rain over here in the west and its also damn cold, but the dams are full. Such is life!


Anonymous said...

Hi Graffiti!
Nice blog you have there - crazy pics..w.w.