Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fool's Day

It's here again.
Many many moons ago, April 1st was New Years Day.
Some stupid pope decided to change it at some they did with many other things, like stealing our pagan festivals and making them catholic feast days.
I have overcome the SHOCK of having a butt ugly orthopeadic diabetic shoe named after me.
Yes I's telling me somethng.
Not sure what that is, but something about ugly shoes, I'm sure.
Spent the day in Sydney yesterday at Animania with my daughter and three of her school friends.
They were all great I had a brilliant day - we also had to catch buses to Sydney cause of trackwork and it was lovely, other than being bowled over by a 65 year old man who felt that he deserved to board the bus before I did.
I told him that pushing in was very childish - I think he suffers from selective deafness as he didn't seem to hear me.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The ULTIMATE humiliation!

Oh my God!
I actually saw a pair of Homy Ped shoes in the Chemist named "Renata".
That has taken me over the edge!

Whispers of Lillith

Please go to my new web site
This now replaces the old witchybitz.
It does not replace web-of-wyrd.
It's just an extra.
And let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New eyes and Chinese herbs!

Oh me oh my - my eyes are very healthy BUT I AM AS BLIND AS A BAT!

Since my last eye test, they have deteriorated even more...because I am getting old.


Another two years should see them stabilize for a few years and then they will go down hill again.

I will be wearing glasses as thick as glass coke bottle bottoms by then!

My new pair is way cool though and they are "Transition" lenses....

OhhhAhhhh I hear you say.


Good thing the glasses where 50% off.

Also my next visit to my accupuncturist sees me feeling much better after some money that was secretly stashed up one of my orifces was swiftly removed...

Much pain was endured with "you're killing me here" and expletives attached at the end of each sentence...


I am feeling slightly better.

At least I can eat most evenings without blowing up like a puffer fish.

My kidney chi is stuffed...


I am taking so many little herbal pills that I need a shovel and a litre of water to swallow them..

It's all good.

New web site is cooking as we speak.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Blog is comming!

Yes! That's right.

I am going to have another's comming.

Why? I haven't thought up a good enough reason yet..

So for now my answer is..


Other than that, today has been about cleaning out accumulated rubbish.

Bits of useless information on smaller bits of paper.

Saw a great show this evening on abc called "Painting Australia" (listening Anchell?).

Three artists are put out in the bush and asked to create a painting in two days.

Very interesting what they come up with.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing with my mind....again!

Just when I had settled into day light savings mode - we have changed back!


So I am waking up all over the place and the morning seems to go on forever.

It's going to take me a month to get used to this new setup.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Who the hell do I vote for?

What's going on with these elections?

I had to queue to vote....that's never happened before.

Then I looked at the ballot sheets - one was the size of the dead sea scrolls!

For what!

To put a "1" in a box above the line?

We all know that no one fills in the boxes below the line - please!

Then the partys....had to laugh!

The fishing party?

The shooters party?

The horesrider's party?

The party for no more immigration?

I am going to run next time -

My party is going to be called -

"Let's have a party" Party

One of my policies will be to introduce compulsory holidays on your birthday,on your kid's birthdays and on your grandparents and parents birthdays.

I also intend to bring in compulsory holidays for you if anyone on your street is having a birthday.

Of course this will lead to no GST on chocolate and birthday cakes and decorations.


what about the "Knitters" Party? Compulsory knitting needles in every household.


the "stamp collectors" Party? A country that licks together - well.....

can't go too wrong there.

What about "I'll give you a dollar if you vote for me" Party.

What a load of shite!

I have lost my will to live!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fabulously Poor!

Yes ladies - we aren't poor.


Just think of all the stuff you DONT have to worry about:

You dont have to go shopping for new clothes - all the old ones that have been sitting the cupboard for years suddenly look really good.

You don't have to buy new shoes - thongs all of a sudden become extremely glamorous.

The supermarket is a quick trip in and out - you can't buy much with $20!

Aldi and the $2 shop are suddenly THE place to be seen - so chique! Doesn't EVERYONE shop at Aldi now?

Choosing DVD's can be done .just once a week - the discount day. Really, who goes to the movies anymore. So many noisy, grubby people to deal with.

The local fish and chip shop owner now knows your name - now that's service!

The local council pick up days become a day outing to furnish your home and garage.Just pack the kids in the car with a lunch box filled with vegemite sandwiches and off you go around the neighbourhood scouting out the bargains. What excitement! Who needs those dreary holidays overseas. EVERYONE goes to Bali and Fiji. Why bother when you can just head down the road and pick up a slightly used ab cruncher - just great for Christmas ideas for the whole family!

See - isn't it just fabulous?

Also, You don't ever have to chuck anything out ever again.

Why buy new stuff if the old piece of shit is still working?

So what that the fridge freezes everthing? You don't have to buy a freezer!

So what if the TV only gets one channel? The others are crap anyway.

So what if the car has rust holes the size of dinner plates on the bonnet? Nothing a large tin of putty and a can of spray paint can't fix!

Stop complaining and realise that really, you have nothing to worry about -

Cause you have nothing!


Fabulously poor....


Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday bloody Monday!

Well I had a fabulous day today. Much learning and centering was done.
I did my reiki masters today - something that I have had on my 'to do' list for a long time.

In the mean time, my beautiful Bee saw life unravel before her eyes.
My heart goes out to you Bee.
It must be truely a horrible time for you.

Mary Raihn has gone out on a limb and is re connecting.
How great is that!

Mary Anchell is painting up a storm and forgetting to go to art school.
Ha Ha..I would have loved to have gone to the gallery with you on Saturday.

Mary Jacquie is cleaning.... ( I know, it's by default, you had nothing better to do)

Mary Tesah is getting over Japanese

Mary Kathleen, I miss you.

Mary Jewell has had a passing in her family...prayers and blessings to a grand old lady.

Mary Cyndy has a naked headed child in the house.

Mary Jen is recovering from the birthday party weekend from hell.

Mary Kristy is being a mum, a wife, a nurse, a carer, a cook, and anything else she can be in her sleepless spare time.

And life goes on.

Have I missed someone? Fill me in.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What a grand day!

Got this Brett Whiteley print from the Art Gallery for the man today.

I love his work.

The best thing about this one is that in the lower right hand corner there is a phrase that says...

"a pointless painting needs looking at for a long time in order to think about it"

Hey..Anchell....Brett truely did not conform.

He did go to art school but I am sure that his teachers would have critisized his work too -he started out being pretty straight but his best work was later on when he allowed himself to be free albiet full of alchohol and drugs.

I went to his studio in Sydney many years ago, with the man and Aleks when she was only about 3 or 4.

That was a grand experience.

I had a ball today.

The Art gallery is a place I need to experience more often.

They had a section with buddahs from India and Asia. One piece, was a buddah carved from wood -very old. If you looked at it for long enough, it looked like it was breathing.

I was blown away.

Then we went to bookshops and cakeshops and sushi train, where we saw Guy Sebastian.

It was a very good day.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just one of those days!

It's been one of those days, one of those weeks, when you feel strung out, tired and all over the place.
You know the feeling!!

I have had sadness - due to the loss of a fine friend and colleague of my husbands who passed from cancer.
I have had health "issues" making me tired and foggy in the head.
I have had a "possessed woman" calling me up at 11.45 at night. (Yes - REALLY possessed! Like spirit possessed!!!!!!!!!)
I have been overlooked, yet again, for something that should have come my way - but did'nt.

I am a bit over it, actually.

It's days like these that show me just how fragile I still am after all that has happened in our family over the past few months. Emotions are still near the surface.
Life steam rolls on, regardless of what we want.

Am going to Sydney tomorrow with Aleks and Shann and we will be "Turning Japanese".
We are going to the Tezuka exhibition at the Art Gallery ( I might sneek off to see the Archibald's) then we are doing sushi, or something just as Japanesey, and then hitting the shops before heading home.
Should be fun.
If I fall asleep ......just prod me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Sad News.

We found out this morning that a friend of my husband's from work died last night from cancer. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had major surgery to save his life last year. He had spent weeks in hospital and it took ages for him to stabilize and get some quality of life back.
But he did it and was actually doing quite well, having a positive outlook on life and enjoying himself as much as he could.
I guess we did not know just how tough it could get for him. He always had a smile and did not complain.
My husband spoke to a member of the family today and was told that his friend had had enough - he deteriorated very quickly over the last week and then it was over.
Very sad. He was a good guy. A hard working guy. A family man.

Also, I mention the old fellow that was killed by some scumbag in Union street yesterday.
This old fellow ran a little shop just opposite the Newcastle Worker's club for over 50 years.
He was a Newcastle icon. He was 87 years old for god sake.
I actually walked into his shop a few weeks ago to buy a bottle of milk and he struck me as an amazingly lovely fellow. He had, what must have been the oldest cash register in Newcastle, still in operation on his front counter and very proud of it indeed.
I spoke to him about the register, telling him that I remember similar ones from my baby years.
I am saddened by his death - his shop was his life. His service to the people of Cook's Hill was well known.
Some moron needing quick cash for a fix ended his time on earth prematurely and it makes me angry that the perpretrator obviously had no concern for anything or anyone that got in his/her way.

To these two men I send my prayers - to their families and friends, who will miss them and cherish their memories I send my sympathy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Joke of the Day!

A litle girl walks into her parents bathroom and notices for the first time her fathers nakedness.

Immediately she is curious. He has equipment that she does'nt.She asks, "What are those round hanging things there daddy?"

Proudly he replies,"Those sweetheart, are the apples of life.Without them we would not be here!"

Puzzled, she seeks out her mummy and tells her what daddy has just said. Mummy replies, "Did daddy say anything about the dead branch they're hanging from?"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7th Heaven

If this is "being in 7th heaven" - what are the other six like?
How DO you choose?
And, mind you, this is just one cake shop - there are more next door and just around the next corner, and down the street etc, etc.
Anyone wanting to go to Melbourne?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

World Wide Alert ! Expando stomach ready to Burst!

Oh Lordy! I know I will be back to eating normally tomorrow - I promise.
At the moment I have to lean to one side when I sit, as it is the most comfortable position I can achieve.
Am back home.
Back to reality.
Had trouble connecting to internet at the "Hole in the Wall" Motel, so could not post.
We had breakfast yesterday at one of the famous Italian eateries on Lygon street which was great. Much good quality cappucino followed by gelatos.
We also went to St. Kilda and took in the International Motor Show where I spied the newest Volvo ( which was soooo nice! ).
We went to see Professor Givemeallyourmoney (otherwise known as Professor Costello - the man's surgeon) and took him some very nice red wine and his nurses and staff got chocolates and cards as gifts of appreciation for all of their care and concern during the man's stay in hospital and treatment.
The Professor was genuinely thrilled with his gift, saying that it was really a touching thing to do.
His staff were also extremely thankful and it was, to us, a highlight of the whole trip - to be able to show our gratefulness.
We all exchanged big emotional hugs and kisses.
I thought, how many times do you get to kiss and hug a man who is known the world over for his expertise in a specific surgical practice and who has just saved your partner's life?
As much as I like the man, I told the Professor that I hoped that I would never have to see him again, but I was very, very glad that our paths had crossed in this life time.
An angelic intervention for sure!
The man is well, clean bill of health given!!!!
Yippee....that deserves another piece of cake!
Or two.....We DID stock up before we left.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Expando Stomach Returns!

Here I am at the "Hole in the Wall" Motel Swanston Street Melbourne with my famous expando stomach in action!
Getting up pre dawn was a monster and I have not recovered.
We hit Melbourne way too early to get into our room so we left our bags at reception ( I have never, ever seen such a small reception area in a hotel in all my life! ) and we went down the street to enjoy a full hot breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast, hash brown and grilled tomato with a wicked cappucinno for under $10.
We decided to go to the Zoo and caught the tram. There ,we sweltered in the humidity and heat and walked around seeing all the animals for hours till we were spent! Some really great exhibits including the elephants and oraguntans.
This was massive for the man, who hasn't had such a 'full on' day since his operation last year!
On the way back we stopped at the Queen Victoria Markets for our promised kransky and sauerkraut roll followed by almond croissant and purchased Polish donuts to take back to the hotel.
We briefly stopped at 'Minotaur" for the Anime freak to get her fix and spend some of our money. She was a happy girl.
Our accommodation is, let's say..understated...maybe that's the wrong word. Probably "basic as" would suit it better.
The rooms are ok with the bathroom being circa 1950. The hand basin is duck egg blue with a white bath tub being off set by stylish pink and white tiling..mmmm.
Our "complimentary breakfast" consists of six pieces of white bread wrapped in plastic wrap with one strawberry jam and one orange marmalade tiny spread with a vegemite one thrown in for good measure.
We have a little tea and coffee and that's it.
Gosh..I feel full already - thank God we bought those Polish Donuts.
Tonight we take it easy for tomorrow is another eating day!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Off to Melbourne!

Tomorrow morning, at sparrow's fart, we will be heading for the airport to fly to Melbourne.
Cannot wait!
The man needs to see his specialist and we have an appoinment scheduled for Monday.

Other than that, the plan is :
Arrive in Melbourne at 7.30 am.
Head directly to nearest cake shop for breakfast.
Check into hotel.
Scan the horizon for a Greek cake shop (simply the best - I promise to post a photo!)
Queen Victoria Markets for kransky and sauerkraut rolls followed by an almond croissant for lunch.
Maybe some walking.
Shopping and eating more cake.
etc, etc,etc.
Oh - this should be good.

We do plan to go to the Zoo and maybe fit in an Art Gallery ( hope there is a cake shop nearby)
and my daughter is meeting a friend she has been speaking to over the internet and they will go to an Anima / Manga Art store for hours of oohhing and ahhhing!
Might even head to "The Spellbox" which is a cool witchy store right in the centre of the CBD and get a reading done.
Am taking the old lap top so will keep you informed on our progress. (BURP)