Friday, March 02, 2007

Expando Stomach Returns!

Here I am at the "Hole in the Wall" Motel Swanston Street Melbourne with my famous expando stomach in action!
Getting up pre dawn was a monster and I have not recovered.
We hit Melbourne way too early to get into our room so we left our bags at reception ( I have never, ever seen such a small reception area in a hotel in all my life! ) and we went down the street to enjoy a full hot breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast, hash brown and grilled tomato with a wicked cappucinno for under $10.
We decided to go to the Zoo and caught the tram. There ,we sweltered in the humidity and heat and walked around seeing all the animals for hours till we were spent! Some really great exhibits including the elephants and oraguntans.
This was massive for the man, who hasn't had such a 'full on' day since his operation last year!
On the way back we stopped at the Queen Victoria Markets for our promised kransky and sauerkraut roll followed by almond croissant and purchased Polish donuts to take back to the hotel.
We briefly stopped at 'Minotaur" for the Anime freak to get her fix and spend some of our money. She was a happy girl.
Our accommodation is, let's say..understated...maybe that's the wrong word. Probably "basic as" would suit it better.
The rooms are ok with the bathroom being circa 1950. The hand basin is duck egg blue with a white bath tub being off set by stylish pink and white tiling..mmmm.
Our "complimentary breakfast" consists of six pieces of white bread wrapped in plastic wrap with one strawberry jam and one orange marmalade tiny spread with a vegemite one thrown in for good measure.
We have a little tea and coffee and that's it.
Gosh..I feel full already - thank God we bought those Polish Donuts.
Tonight we take it easy for tomorrow is another eating day!


Kathleen said...

It sounds like an episode from surviva melbourne!

Anchell said...

gastronomic paradise huh!

Jacqui said...

I'm envious romy. :)

Cyndy said...

White bread; circa 1950's?

Bee said...

im bloated just reading xx

Lisa said...

feeling nauseated- breakfast sounds divine hope all went well with the man today- sending you all love xxxxx ......what is sparrow fart?