Friday, March 23, 2007

Who the hell do I vote for?

What's going on with these elections?

I had to queue to vote....that's never happened before.

Then I looked at the ballot sheets - one was the size of the dead sea scrolls!

For what!

To put a "1" in a box above the line?

We all know that no one fills in the boxes below the line - please!

Then the partys....had to laugh!

The fishing party?

The shooters party?

The horesrider's party?

The party for no more immigration?

I am going to run next time -

My party is going to be called -

"Let's have a party" Party

One of my policies will be to introduce compulsory holidays on your birthday,on your kid's birthdays and on your grandparents and parents birthdays.

I also intend to bring in compulsory holidays for you if anyone on your street is having a birthday.

Of course this will lead to no GST on chocolate and birthday cakes and decorations.


what about the "Knitters" Party? Compulsory knitting needles in every household.


the "stamp collectors" Party? A country that licks together - well.....

can't go too wrong there.

What about "I'll give you a dollar if you vote for me" Party.

What a load of shite!

I have lost my will to live!


Anchell said...

the 'really bad liars party'?.
Nah, thats taken isnt it.....

Tesah said...

I have to admit, I voted below the line. Only coz I futzed up and didn't read the instructions properly (maybe I'm male!). So I'd stuck a 1 in a box below the line before I'd realised I could have saved myself some trouble, so I had to number (completely random) boxes 1 to 15. Oh well, that'll learn me!

Lisa said...

was horrified by the amount of paper used- have been told they recycle it and should bloody well hope so- disgusting.........I do have a friend who numbers every box below the line- bah !

Jewell said...

love about "burn the witch..not"party, or "I know what your thinking" party!!!!

Cyndy said...

Can I come to your party?