Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday bloody Monday!

Well I had a fabulous day today. Much learning and centering was done.
I did my reiki masters today - something that I have had on my 'to do' list for a long time.

In the mean time, my beautiful Bee saw life unravel before her eyes.
My heart goes out to you Bee.
It must be truely a horrible time for you.

Mary Raihn has gone out on a limb and is re connecting.
How great is that!

Mary Anchell is painting up a storm and forgetting to go to art school.
Ha Ha..I would have loved to have gone to the gallery with you on Saturday.

Mary Jacquie is cleaning.... ( I know, it's by default, you had nothing better to do)

Mary Tesah is getting over Japanese

Mary Kathleen, I miss you.

Mary Jewell has had a passing in her family...prayers and blessings to a grand old lady.

Mary Cyndy has a naked headed child in the house.

Mary Jen is recovering from the birthday party weekend from hell.

Mary Kristy is being a mum, a wife, a nurse, a carer, a cook, and anything else she can be in her sleepless spare time.

And life goes on.

Have I missed someone? Fill me in.


Anchell said...

Hmmmm, I think we wrote the same blog......hehehe....WHERES MY PRESENT!

Cyndy said...

Yessum, I do. And tonight...he asked me to clipper his hair!..It was a little uneven from the rushed job on Friday, and he wanted me to tidy it up..... after years of the unkempt "bedhead" everyday.....

Lisa said...

congratualtions on the Reiki Masters......I hope it helps you find the centre you are looking for.
Lisa x

Tesah said...

Hooray for Reiki Master!

Kathleen said...

Excellent Reiki Master news!!!

I am planning to come to Rose Cottage during the Easter Break - starting 9th April - So it will be great to catch up with everyone ; )

Faerie Blessings xOx

Kristy-Lee said...

What busy Mary's!

Cyndy said...

No wonder we're all tired......