Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Blog is comming!

Yes! That's right.

I am going to have another blog...soon...soon...it's comming.

Why? I haven't thought up a good enough reason yet..

So for now my answer is..


Other than that, today has been about cleaning out accumulated rubbish.

Bits of useless information on smaller bits of paper.

Saw a great show this evening on abc called "Painting Australia" (listening Anchell?).

Three artists are put out in the bush and asked to create a painting in two days.

Very interesting what they come up with.


Bee said...

just saying hello,hello,xxx

Cyndy said...

My peasants changed the channel....no culture for me...

Jewell said...

i saw that too very interesting i must say...something we could do at cottage maybe....when weather is cold and it's nice and dark outside!!!!!

romy said...

Good idea Jewell!

Anchell said...

So, did you tape it?