Thursday, March 01, 2007

Off to Melbourne!

Tomorrow morning, at sparrow's fart, we will be heading for the airport to fly to Melbourne.
Cannot wait!
The man needs to see his specialist and we have an appoinment scheduled for Monday.

Other than that, the plan is :
Arrive in Melbourne at 7.30 am.
Head directly to nearest cake shop for breakfast.
Check into hotel.
Scan the horizon for a Greek cake shop (simply the best - I promise to post a photo!)
Queen Victoria Markets for kransky and sauerkraut rolls followed by an almond croissant for lunch.
Maybe some walking.
Shopping and eating more cake.
etc, etc,etc.
Oh - this should be good.

We do plan to go to the Zoo and maybe fit in an Art Gallery ( hope there is a cake shop nearby)
and my daughter is meeting a friend she has been speaking to over the internet and they will go to an Anima / Manga Art store for hours of oohhing and ahhhing!
Might even head to "The Spellbox" which is a cool witchy store right in the centre of the CBD and get a reading done.
Am taking the old lap top so will keep you informed on our progress. (BURP)


Anchell said...


got room in the suitcase for a cake eating gallery veiwer???


Bee said...

with all that cake an cranksys you better do a lot of walking,hope goes well,xxxxx

Cyndy said...

Lucky you've got the metabolism of a greyhound, Renata. Thanks for your compliment on my blog! Have a great weekend!!! There has to be some fringe benefit from paying a visit to Dr Givemeallyourmoney!!!

Lisa said...

what does 'sparrow fart' mean ?

Kathleen said...

LOL, Mark uses the terem "sparrow fart" all the time!