Monday, November 30, 2009

So close to Christmas and what am I doing at home?

This is such a surreal experience to actually be at home at this time of the year. Usually I am up to my armpits in calendars.
I am at loose ends, but enjoying it. I am cooking and getting fat from eating what Im cooking and cleaning the house ( sporadically )and painting.
I am reading a lot and spending time at the library. It occurred to me last night that I have been reading spiritual books ever since I have been about 17 years old - over thirty years of reading, yet I am learning more now than ever before.If I was studying to be a brain surgeon, I would have graduated and be specialising by now - yet with this stuff I feel that I have hardly even scatched the surface.
Its all about experiencing it, I guess, and I am out to try and get as much experience as I can - maybe I can still find my niche in all of this.

Tomorrow I am off to Sydney to see mum. I have got her perfume, deoderant , nail polish and nail poilsh remover - all the essentials that she has asked for!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dust and more dust!

The dust is back - a thick cloud working its way into every small hole and crevass - up my nose and in my lungs. am keeping Maksimus the puggy inside today as he will seize up and pass out left outside in this weather. The old boy ( the living carpet husky dog ) is also flat out on the tiles being vewy, vewy qwiet.

Baby girl has gone to work - she is getting far more work than I have had lately, which is quite disconcerting considering she is only 15. At least it is only 5 minutes down the road to throw her in to work and pick her up ( she works at one of the major retailers down at Glendale - in airconditioning ).

My suggestion for us all today - stay inside, grab a movie and a cold drink and chill.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Equus continued...

Here it is.....difficult subject. White is not always white and cannot be in a painting so this was a good test.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Freaking hot and cleaning up!

What is possessing us to clean in this heat?
The man is working in the back yard - oh my God, the back yard is getting done...
and I am trying to fit a thousand pieces of paper from all my things that I do into some sort of a refined composition.
These papers, books, pamphlets breed when I am not looking and I have little piles of this and that in very spare corner of the house.
Its shitting me off - and I have no where to put my paintings.....
Plus, my big girl is coming home for a few weeks and I really need to organise some room for her too.....
so I can see a lot of burning and throwing out ......
it just has to happen.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is this heat sending us all a bit Potty?

I am wondering whether this humidity and heat is sending anyone else around the twist or is it only me?
I went for a walk this morning and the sweat was flowing off me like a river in flood and it was only 8am in the morning!
I am busy organising spots for exhibits next year, so I am frantically calling up everybody who has wall space ( p.s. if you have a free wall at home I am likely to have you on my list he...he.. ). This then will keep me motivated and producing new works of art.
I am also into an new painting which features another horse ( I can hear Raihn groan from here )this one is a challenge as it is a white horse and it is bloody hard to paint white!
I am also highly into learning about the astral body and am reading a fascinating book written all the way back in 1928 which is making a lot of sense to me.

Tomorrow I will probably head to Sydney for a long overdue visit with mum and Friday I am off delivering paintings to my last art show of the year and then down to Maitland to visit the new Organic Feast shop.
Never a dull moment!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Developing my style....

I really love this painting. It is dynamic and I love the colours.
I have also tried to be freer with my painting.
What do you guys think?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are we hot enough yet?

I think so! Heaven help us all if this is a sign of what summer is going to be like!
I dont do heat very well...
Both of my doggies are inside in the air conditioning and with plenty of water.
I worry about all those that are sweltering away locked in a shed or on a leash in the back yard.
The man is relaxing today - it was his 'operation anniversary' yesterday. It has been three years since his successful prostate operation.
I have to travel to Lemon Tree passage shortly in this heat to pick up mu paintings from the exhibition. The Getz is a cool little car, good on fuel, but also like a mini sauna in the heat. The front window seems to direct and catch all the heat.
Maybe they should just place 100 Getz's side by side and they could act like a big solar panel?????Idea????Mmmm???
I am also working on a new painting, slightly different in style than my normal..I am liking it and will share with you all soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our beautiful Leanne

This is a shot from Leanne's dawn wedding held last Saturday.
She looked gorgeous - I really hope that they had a magnificent honeymoon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two words - PAP SMEAR!

Have you had yours done recently?
Come on....get it done if you are due.
No excuses!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How can a tooth cost THAT MUCH!

Well, I had waited long enough and a visit to the dentist was long overdue.
Today was the day and I was hoping for good news but I had been living with a dodgy tooth for a while now.
It initially chipped but most recently the rest of the filling had actually started to move away from the rest of the tooth.
So in I went.
├Łes they could fix it...cheapest cost was $1800 plus a visit or two to the specialist to fix my gum first dearest was about $4000.
I chose to get it pulled out - that only set me back $270.

Monday, November 16, 2009

another horse..

Here is my latest completed artwork-still exploring horses, might keep tackling them for a few weeks yet, but would be interested to try some nudes...anyone care to model for me????

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 weddings and a ghost tour - sounds like a movie?

Boy, all that partying has worn out this little black duck!
Our other wedding yesterday was very special - I am somehow drawn to the very private garden events. People get to have a say in their vows, in the way it is presented - it seems so much more personal and authentic.
After the ceremony in the couple's back yard we went to Nelson Bay Golf Club for the grand reception.
Such a beautiful place and driving through the back roads of Anna Bay made me wish I could own one of the little old houses that stud that road, the 'old' bay houses with an acre or two around them and plenty of bush and privacy in between.
I remembered the time when over 30 years ago you could buy a block of land at the bay for peanuts and many people said "Why would you want to live out there?"

Friday, November 13, 2009

One wedding down and one to go!

I should be having a snooze but I have had so much coffee that I dont think its possible!
After a very late night having spent three hours roaming around Morpeth being followed by various spirit entities and having my brains sizzled with new experiences I braved the morning waking at 4 am to get ready for our friends sunrise wedding.
I was not a pretty sight!
Last night's Morpeth Ghost Tour was fantasic - I thoroughly recomment it to anyone wanting a spooky experience -the energies abound everywhere and the validation received by tour director Troy was priceless!
He is a wealth of information and well worth the small investment for a totally great evening out.
Ut, after all of this I was still hyped up from so much activity the night before to get to sleep before 1.30 and then to wake and try and make myself look decent - not an easy job.
Now is rest time and then on the road to Nelson Bay to another wedding at 5 pm.
Tomorrow I sleep.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big weekend ahead

I am looking forward to catching up with friends and spending tomorrow evening wandering around Morpeth doing a ghost tour - there are some very interesting and historic buildings in the area. Did you know it was originally known as Green Hills?
Then at sparrow fart I will be going to a wedding on Saturday morning of a dear friend who is getting hitched at Caves Beach followed by a champagne breakfast at Swansea( no champagne for me or I will be asleep at the table )then another wedding in the afternoon at Nelson Bay for a friend of the man's from work.
Sunday? I hope to find a small dark corner and hide.......
I have a new frock, new shoes and a bag to put over my head so I should look acceptable.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Thanks very much - NOT!!!!

To the little shits that broke my car window on Satgurday night while it was parked in front of my house and then came back and did the same thing to the "man's" car on Sunday night - you deserve a big fat boot up your arse.
About 10 or so cars were damaged over those two nights with many worse off than ours.
How annoying!
Well it's November and I'm at home...not at the Square.
So I am cleaning windows, floors ...things that havent been touched in quite a while let me tell you...boring as shit.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Just a few touches left and its done!

Ok guys...what do you think?
My first horse painting....
Just a few bits to fix after having it passed by the artistic critics in the house ( God bless them for their truthfulness )I have a few more images I want to get stuck into now..but this one did give me a run for my money.

One hour later...
This is now my updated and completed image.
I am happy with this now.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Art exhibitions

I am delivering four of my paintings to Belmont Citi Centre today for an art exhibition being organised by one of the art societies I belong to. The exhibition will be running for two weeks.Also heading to Lorn ( Maitland ) to deliver another art work to the Gallery there for an exbition on for the month of November.
Am trying to finish a new painting but am having "issues'so will struggle some more today to get it just right.
Struggling is good cause it means that it is a challenge and I am not quite sure what I am doing and therefore HAVE to work it out.
Its been so nice to be at home all week.
The quiet and solitutude have been very calming - I walked into Charlestown Square yesterday and immediately got a massive headache that lasted all day. I am so glad I am not there this year.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What a difference in the weather!

Yesterday was a scorcher wasnt it and this morning is so much more managable.
I wasnt ready for such a heat wave and it was very uncomfortable last night - the man slept downstairs on the couch with the air con on.
I can sleep through anything, so it didnt bother me too much, but I think we might be heading into a very hot summer...
Today I hit Kotara to put in some job applications to get some work for the Chrissy season as it appears that I will not have anymore of my "other stuff" this year.
Tomorrow I might hazard a trip into the wilderness of Charlestown Square.
Some other things have fallen through so I am in the market for earning a few extra dollars before the end of the year - there are things I need to buy!!!
I remember speaking to Artyfarty on Monday night and she mentioned her inability to make plans as they always seem to fall through and feeling that she is in a holding pattern waiting for the universe to throw her in the direction she needs to go in...I know that feeling well...and I had exactly the same conversation with my art teacher last night.
Seems that there are many of us that dont really know what we should be doing in can be very frustrating when you feel that you are not getting the most out of every day.
Some people seem to be quite happy with their lot in uncomplicated as it may seem to be to others.
I often think it is all about temperament and the more creative you are the more frustrated you can become when you are not being creative...
it is so hard to get a happy medium though, seems like there always has to be a spanner in the works. You may get your work life into shape but then your love life suffers, or you are always struggling with money but you are able to express yourself through writing or art or dancing etc..