Monday, November 30, 2009

So close to Christmas and what am I doing at home?

This is such a surreal experience to actually be at home at this time of the year. Usually I am up to my armpits in calendars.
I am at loose ends, but enjoying it. I am cooking and getting fat from eating what Im cooking and cleaning the house ( sporadically )and painting.
I am reading a lot and spending time at the library. It occurred to me last night that I have been reading spiritual books ever since I have been about 17 years old - over thirty years of reading, yet I am learning more now than ever before.If I was studying to be a brain surgeon, I would have graduated and be specialising by now - yet with this stuff I feel that I have hardly even scatched the surface.
Its all about experiencing it, I guess, and I am out to try and get as much experience as I can - maybe I can still find my niche in all of this.

Tomorrow I am off to Sydney to see mum. I have got her perfume, deoderant , nail polish and nail poilsh remover - all the essentials that she has asked for!

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Wendy said...

Hope you had a good visit with your mum. Looking forward to seeing you at ritual on Wednesday night ☺