Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How can a tooth cost THAT MUCH!

Well, I had waited long enough and a visit to the dentist was long overdue.
Today was the day and I was hoping for good news but I had been living with a dodgy tooth for a while now.
It initially chipped but most recently the rest of the filling had actually started to move away from the rest of the tooth.
So in I went.
├Łes they could fix it...cheapest cost was $1800 plus a visit or two to the specialist to fix my gum first dearest was about $4000.
I chose to get it pulled out - that only set me back $270.


Lisa said...

yep, get it out- the pain is smaller on all levels..been there , done that xx

Wendy said...

Very brave! I would have to be knocked out for that to happen ;o)