Sunday, September 30, 2007

Decidedly Ugly

Where was I when they were giving out the beauty genes?
Must have been hiding behind a rock reading a book.
Feel decidedly unattractive own morality is catching up.
Birthday is just around the corner and its an ugly one.
When did I get so old?
I remember being 26, wasn't that just yesterday?
I swear it was.

The t.v. is filled with beautiful pretty shiny things whose skin glows and teeth are perfect.
They even had a program on Oprah a few days ago about gorgeous women over 50 in a new Dove commercial.
I feel decidedly ugly and tired today.
I just do.

Maybe I am getting a bug?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Long Weekend

Tomorrow, we are heading down to Sydney to indulge baby girl in another Anime Convention where she will meet other equally crazy people all going ga - ga over Japanese animated art works that cost a fortune.

I envisage much hassling will be done to buy this or that ( to which the answer will be "no" )and I guess at some point I will relent and buy something....just to stop the whining.

Tomorrow the Cottage is having their Market day and I hope the girls do well - wish I was there, but I have a child that is holding me to a promise.

Tomorrow night is our first of two night's with John Overholt - about 10 girls will turn up tomorrow night hoping for some insightful information from beyond.

I wonder who will be coming through for me? I could do with some advice!

What are you guys doing this weekend?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Chocolate covered Goji Berries!


This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States and Canada that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's and Canada's supply of convenience store managers.

(oopps.....just to make sure I dont get Australian Intel onto me...
I state...

And today I found a packet of Goji berries covered in dark chocolate..
Yummo.... x 1000

This takes antioxidants to the next level.
I reckon I will have to eat at least a packet a day to get my daily recommended level - bummer.
Oh well, someone has to sacrifice themselves.

Facebook? Oh NO...NO...NO!!!!

No ..... I am not doing Facebook.
Sorry guys.

Just cannot go there...

These bloody blogs are enough for me.

Am going to par down witchybitz again when I get time.

Lisa has changes her blog too!

Am reading "The Secret of the Secret" at the moment.
Boy, that is a book that will shake you and your sensibilities to the core!
If you are not open to reconsider your beliefs about positive thinking etc....then stay away from it.

I have found it very eye opening and it has given me a lot to consider.
I am very happy that it fell into my hands - I needed to get my head straight.
Its easy to live in a fantasy - this book lands you straight back down to earth.

It is must for any one who has considered the information carried in the "Secret" DVD or book.

But you must be ready.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Wedding Anniversary

17 years today!
Yes, that's how long me and the man have been married.
We have been "an item" for about 20 years!!!

Isn't that a long time?

Had a great day at YAAD group - lots of talk, laughter and giggles.
Plenty of vegetarian goodies for lunch - thanks all.

The trifle looked great ( I just couldn't fit any more in )and I also heard that the vege curry was outstanding.
What a lovely way to spend a Saturday - with friends!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What to do?

A friend of mine has found herself in a pickle.
She has done something quite regrettable and now has to deal with the fallout.

This is a painful experience.
The truth hurts, and to be told by those that you call friends that you have been a total knob is not a pleasant experience, but necessary.

Friends tell each other the truth - no matter how painful, sometimes gently, sometimes brutally, but friends do that cause they care.

I want to tell this friend of mine off in a big way, cause she deserves it - but she is no longer listening.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It is Done!

The great wall of Elermore Vale is finished!
The man has made a docu - drama dvd to cherish the moments and has added music to it, obvious choice?
"The Wall" by Pink Floyd.

Very spiff indeed....maybe we can have a viewing night at the Cottage?
It is riveting - drama, intrigue, blood, sweat and tears, it will have you on the edge of your seats - you will be shouting at the screen, "What next, come on, you can do it!!!"

Oh, I am just getting excited talking about it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Its Free!

Drove past our neighbours house yesterday to find an "as new" cane lounge sitting out the front with those precious two words on it saying "it's free".

How could I not take it?
The universe was going, "Well?, what are you waiting for!"

So I quickly went home and got the man to get in the car and drive to the end of the road and we loaded it up.
How cool is that!

The gentleman that lives in that house is a doctor and often they will sit stuff outside on the corner and just leave it for people to take.Up till now, its only been some kitchen bits and pieces, this lounge has definately been the biggest item put out.
I wrote him a thank you card today and popped it in his letter box.
How bloody lucky am I?
Did not win a soggy biscuit in lotto last night - but I am not giving up.
I have Stonehenge to see!

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's been a year!

Well, it's almost been a year since the whole cancer thing reared it's ugly wanking head in our household.
Around this time last year, the man went to our family doctor and got a referral for his first test. It was October 5th when I found out the news.

What a year it has been.....
Tests, results, facing the reality, dealing with it, being shit scared, finding our "Saviour" in Melbourne - Dr.Costello, operation, recovery,being told the man is cancer free, feeling sick when the after operation testing came around, continual good news, next hurdle - hernia operation, good outcome, recovery...then the arrival of 2 million tons of concrete for our retaining wall!!!!!'s been a year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh my God...look at the time!

I am sneaking in a post very quickly after having already been on the computer for over
2 hours this morning.
Also, I do not want to be "one of the slack arse non bloggers" that we seem to have around at the moment!
Hey, if your life is cracked - we want to hear about it!
Don't sit there in your own selfish misery - spread it around, so we can all be miserable together!!!!!! (Snicker)
We all have our bad times and we all have our good times too... blogging lets us all know that you are alive and, well, getting on with it, cause at times we just have to do the best we can.

The weather is gorgeous...the jasmine at the Cottage is in full bloom and you get a face full of it when you walk up the Cottage stairs. Glorious!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Psychic Development Class - what fun!

By popular request, we had a psychic development class tonight. Six lovely ladies turned up and we had a great discussion about dreams, views on psychic development,meditation - we did some exercises testing our abilities to receive messages and give them and feel what its like when five other people are looking at a specific part of your body!!!
I had fun - its always a great class as the girls are all so enthusiastic.
And yes, they all DO have psychic abilities!
You should come along next month!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Backyard Blitz...where are you now?

I could do with Jamie Durie in my backyard right now!
The place looks like a bomb has gone off.
It is a good thing that we did not have many plants in our yard...cause we would not have any right now.
The yard is piled with dug up dirt, rock, gravel, old white ant infested timber sleepers, stacks of concrete blocks and four burly men digging in the rain, like their lives depended on it.
Boy can these guys work!
Needless to say, I understand why this is all so expensive now...

We are part way through this mess and all the neighbours have been out to have a Capt.Cook at the going's on.

Wait till they start mixing the concrete...boy that should be fun.
I watched a guy have a whole packet of chocolate biscuits for breakfast while another had a lunch box full of jelly beans ( for energy purposes, I guess )but they go from 7am to 7pm...God bless 'em.

Meanwhile I have had a falling out with brother and mother about my 'duty of care' and responsibilities or in their view, lack of.
Boy, I thought bending over backwards while standing on a tight rope and playing the accordian was enough of a good trick...but you just can't please some people.

Sad news

Well, life has fallen apart for one of our nearest and dearest.
Little William True had his life sadly cut short last night and it has left a family quite devastated.

My heart goes out to you all.
I had to take time off work when my doggie died. We cried for days, and I know Lisa and family will be too!

The price we pay for loving is the pain we feel when they are taken away....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pain in the head is a pain in the arse!

I developed one of my fabbo headaches last night and managed to wake up with it this morning.
It felt like someone had driven a sharp knife into my head above my right it was a mersyndol and back to bed for an hour to wait for the pill to kick in.
and so it did.

Our retaining wall is going ahead in leaps and bounds.
All concrete blocks are now down and we have our front yard full of blue metal.
Tomorrow, as long as it does not rain, concrete will start to get mixed and the blocks will start to be laid.

The guys were moving the old sleepers today that made up our original wall and they found........TERMITES!!!!!!!!

Funny that... we had just paid over $1000 to have to buggers killed off earlier this year and we had a final inspection a few weeks ago to say that it was all clear..

Ha.....those bastards were hiding weren't they.
They were alive and well all the time and now they have been disturbed, who knows where the little F*****ers will go now.

Needless to say, a phone call was made to the pest place and they were told to get back here quick smart.

No wonder I have a headache!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Supermarkets and mothers who 'forget'.

How I hate going to the supermarket on rainy days.

People drive like morons trying to find the closest car park to the entry, no matter how difficult that may be making it for everybody else in the same car park.

Then they proceed into supermarket and turn into zombie like creatures at the front door, that shuffle around in a confused and brainless way changing direction only when they bounce off the side walls.

They stop without any warning and run you over with full to the brim shopping trolleys full of shit food that you would not feed to pigs without saying sorry.

(Does anyone buy fruit and vege any more?)

Mother with memory loss decides SHE wants to do shopping and gives list to distressed daughter who cannot understand anything written on it.

Mother takes back list and starts to decipher coded message for next 15 minutes while blocking major isle in supermarket.

First item deciphered - it is at other side of store.

Second item deciphered - it is at other end of store.

Third item, she cannot even decipher (oh well, she didn't need that any way)

And so it goes....why mother bothers with a list is beyond daughter as she has bought the same items every week for the last year.

Mother wanders off and gets lost in isle 14 as daughter is searching for deciphered item no:15 in isle 2.

Mother found in isle 14 still wondering what it was that she was looking for....

Daughter wishes that she had not forgotten to take her Mersyndol this morning as she feels a headache comming on.

Groceries paid for and we head for our obligatory morning tea and hash brown at McDonalds which mother has had every week for over two years but asks 'what are these yummy things?' evey time she gets them.

Daughter then carefully manouvers mother through zombie inhabitants of supermarket complex and beats a swift retreat to car which has had to be parked so far from entry door that a packed lunch and map is requred to get there.

Daughter takes mother home, unpacks and puts away groceries while listening to a list of requests that mother is already planning for daughter's next visit.

Daughter goes home and has a bex and lie down.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Things to do before you die....

Seeing that I can longer fulfil a lifelong dream of taking a trip on board a Concorde as the bastards grounded them because of one silly little incident that wasn't even the fault of that beautiful supersonic plane, I have actually suceeded tonight to fulfil another one of those things that I have always wanted to do before I die...
Tonight we booked tickets to go and see "The Police" in concert when they come to Sydney next year!!!!!!!!

Oh my God...

when I was about 20 I was so into Sting and The Police ( oh stop groaning ), but could never go see them in concert cause my life was crazy, and I always promised myself that if they ever got back together again, I would really love to go and see them...and now we are!!!!!
I am soooooo thrilled!

By the way...
I am home.
Yep, arrived this morning at about 9.30.
It is so good to be back home, in my house, my bathroom, my lounge, my kitchen with my man and baby girl and even had a visit from big girl tonight who came over for father's day.

Am very tired though and will need a few days to recover.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Could this go on all night?

It is 10.30pm.
I have come back after a hard days work and clean up after the finish of the book sale to find the neighbours having a party.
All well and good, but they are Arabs ( funny that ) and they are playing belly dancing music
V E R Y L O U D L Y.....

did I mention that it is V E R Y L O U D...

this could go on all night....
oh Lordy...

I have to get up early to drive home tomorrow.
Maybe I should just pack my bags and go now?
I dont think I will be able to get much sleep.
Maybe if they havent stopped by about 1 am, I might just pop over and ask them to turn it down a bit.
What do you think?