Saturday, September 15, 2007

Its Free!

Drove past our neighbours house yesterday to find an "as new" cane lounge sitting out the front with those precious two words on it saying "it's free".

How could I not take it?
The universe was going, "Well?, what are you waiting for!"

So I quickly went home and got the man to get in the car and drive to the end of the road and we loaded it up.
How cool is that!

The gentleman that lives in that house is a doctor and often they will sit stuff outside on the corner and just leave it for people to take.Up till now, its only been some kitchen bits and pieces, this lounge has definately been the biggest item put out.
I wrote him a thank you card today and popped it in his letter box.
How bloody lucky am I?
Did not win a soggy biscuit in lotto last night - but I am not giving up.
I have Stonehenge to see!


Anchell said...

Most cool!

I might have won lotto....havent checked the numbers...

Rider-Waite said...

I love bargains like that. And cane furniture is bloody expensive!!!

Kathleen said...

Very Cool