Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pain in the head is a pain in the arse!

I developed one of my fabbo headaches last night and managed to wake up with it this morning.
It felt like someone had driven a sharp knife into my head above my right it was a mersyndol and back to bed for an hour to wait for the pill to kick in.
and so it did.

Our retaining wall is going ahead in leaps and bounds.
All concrete blocks are now down and we have our front yard full of blue metal.
Tomorrow, as long as it does not rain, concrete will start to get mixed and the blocks will start to be laid.

The guys were moving the old sleepers today that made up our original wall and they found........TERMITES!!!!!!!!

Funny that... we had just paid over $1000 to have to buggers killed off earlier this year and we had a final inspection a few weeks ago to say that it was all clear..

Ha.....those bastards were hiding weren't they.
They were alive and well all the time and now they have been disturbed, who knows where the little F*****ers will go now.

Needless to say, a phone call was made to the pest place and they were told to get back here quick smart.

No wonder I have a headache!


~*Rylah*~ said...

Yuk, termites...

Could this headache of yours be a past life thing?

'Cluster headaches'?


Cyndy said...

We bought this house knowing that it had active termites in it. It was lined with pine boards, so we went to a lot of trouble to pull them out as we thought that it was only the paint that was holding the walls together. I guess we assumed that they'd had their fill as they were eating out the back of the lino on the floor. As we pulled down entire walls (and ceilings full of a hundred years of dust), we found out that the little buggers were actually being very selective in what they gnawed on, and only chewed out a board here and there. There was really only one wall was that needed to go in its entirety. They picked out some architraves here and there too. It all depended upon the type of timber, and as this house was built of locally grown and milled timbers, they're not all the same. But... they're all schmick and new now.... and WE eventually found the termite nest in a tree stump in the front yard 8 months after we paid a professional to find the nest and murder the little shits...... he did come back and bait the nests a price, of course..... and it's all good so far... touching my head... cos it's not wood...

Good Luck. But then again, you ARE Lucky ;0)

Anonymous said...

Ha, sometimes I wonder about that (lucky)Cyndy....