Saturday, September 08, 2007

Backyard Blitz...where are you now?

I could do with Jamie Durie in my backyard right now!
The place looks like a bomb has gone off.
It is a good thing that we did not have many plants in our yard...cause we would not have any right now.
The yard is piled with dug up dirt, rock, gravel, old white ant infested timber sleepers, stacks of concrete blocks and four burly men digging in the rain, like their lives depended on it.
Boy can these guys work!
Needless to say, I understand why this is all so expensive now...

We are part way through this mess and all the neighbours have been out to have a Capt.Cook at the going's on.

Wait till they start mixing the concrete...boy that should be fun.
I watched a guy have a whole packet of chocolate biscuits for breakfast while another had a lunch box full of jelly beans ( for energy purposes, I guess )but they go from 7am to 7pm...God bless 'em.

Meanwhile I have had a falling out with brother and mother about my 'duty of care' and responsibilities or in their view, lack of.
Boy, I thought bending over backwards while standing on a tight rope and playing the accordian was enough of a good trick...but you just can't please some people.

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