Saturday, September 01, 2007

Could this go on all night?

It is 10.30pm.
I have come back after a hard days work and clean up after the finish of the book sale to find the neighbours having a party.
All well and good, but they are Arabs ( funny that ) and they are playing belly dancing music
V E R Y L O U D L Y.....

did I mention that it is V E R Y L O U D...

this could go on all night....
oh Lordy...

I have to get up early to drive home tomorrow.
Maybe I should just pack my bags and go now?
I dont think I will be able to get much sleep.
Maybe if they havent stopped by about 1 am, I might just pop over and ask them to turn it down a bit.
What do you think?


Lisa said...

yes, asking nicely ususally helps..........although, if you are already awake, why not go belly wobble with them?

come back !

Anchell said...

Throw something!

A tantie?

Bricks are good

Jewell said...

yes a bottle filled will something that goes....bang!!!! hehehe

Rider-Waite said...

How annoying. How very annoying.

BTW, i did get your reading you did for me. For some reason I had missed it in my inbox. So I have typed you up a lovely email and sent it off, so you don't think I am a rude bitch who doesn't reply to nice readings.