Friday, August 31, 2007

2 more sleeps!

Yep, I missed the big arty farty show tonight - I heard it was grand and the artist sold two paintings. Yay!!!!!
I will try and get in to see it on Sunday, if I get enough time ( promise Michelle!).

Apparently the cleaning and the ironing are waiting for me to return as is one naughty 13 year old who has been unable to function and do as she is told while mother has been away.

I cant wait to see my family and give them hugs and kisses - the cleaning and ironing will have to wait.

We get our 2000 tons of concrete bricks on Monday (just kidding, its not 2000 tons at all, only 1999 ) and as long as the weather holds out, the retaining wall will commence construction by the end of the week.

Tomorrow is a long day....we work till 5pm and then we have to deconstruct the massive book stand..and pack up all the books to go back to the wharehouse.
That should take a few hours extra. Phew.....but then its over.

Thanks to the booksale, some money will go into the bank, but for a moment, only to be taken out again, to pay some stupid bills...isnt that always the way.

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Rider-Waite said...

Very exciting about going home. VERY.

It is a funny thing about money, every time you get some, it has to be spent. It never just sits there in the bank. Mine doesn't anyway.