Friday, August 03, 2007

Another day..another grey hair!

Bright and perky...up at 6am.
Got to Belmont Hospital at 7am.
Lord and Master of my Universe got his "puncture" repaired at 8am and got through it with flying colours.
By the time I got back to see him at 2pm ( after pleading with the nurse as "visiting hours ARE STRICKTLY between 3pm and 8pm!!!!) he was already sweet talking the nurses! big sigh of relief breathed in and released!!!

"Don't do this again", I say in my head as I take his hand and sit looking into his eyes wondering ( yet again )what I would ever do if I lost him.

I stayed and we talked for a few hours and then I went back home to sick baby child.
I went back at about 6.30pm and the man had already chatted with all the other patients in his room, had tea and managed to still look gorgeous even in his blue hospital gown!

So far, all is good - he is suffering little pain at the moment and is on track for going home tomorrow.

He has souveniered himself another nice little scar to go with the other five that he currently has on his tummy....I'll be able to play join the dots!

Belmont Hospital is as far removed from the John Hunter as two hospitals can be - every time I drove into the car park..there was no problem in finding a spot. I did not pay for parking.It took me two minutes to walk to the entry.The Hospital was quiet, the nurses are lovely...we can't complain!
Lucky again!


Rider-Waite said...

Yay for good hospitals!!!

So glad your man is doing so well Renata. Too bad my whingy sook didn't behave as well as him!!!

Warmest Whishes for a speedy recovery xoxoxo

~*Rylah*~ said...

I'm so glad everything went ok today Renata. Hope it continues that way too.

Yes, Belmont hospital is a little quiet compared to the John isn't it? Why do you think driving to John Hunter terrifies me so much?!

Take care xXx

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Tesah said...

Lots of love and (gentle) hugs to you guys

Cyndy said...

Well done...... to all of you!

It's so good to hear something positive about hospitals. I have a friend who's parents are in Belmont at the momment, and all she can do is complain about everything. But then again, that is her nature........

Have fun playing join the dots, Lucky.... ;p

Jewell said...

great to hear...