Friday, August 17, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to work I go!

Stone the f*****g crows, I am going "hoing" again.

But this time it's all the way to Sydney!

I have been offered to help a friend do another booksale at Miranda for two weeks starting on Monday.

The money should be worthwhile, considering the people in Sydney tend to have more money to pay a poor ole' country ho like me!I will look suitably poor and do a lot of begging!

I do not relish this...I have never been away from family for more than two nights and now I will have to go for 14 days. I am travelling with a friend and once I get there, its work all day every day.

I miss the man and baby girl already.

But, I must pay for the stinking, shitty very expensive retaining wall that will keep our house from sliding down into our neighbur's yard somehow, and these two weeks will pay for a few more concrete blocks.

But it means that I will miss out on my YAAD classes, Diane's Aromatherapy night, Michelle Smudgetick night, the next Market day and Michelle and Larry's Exhibition Opening night.

POO BUM!!!!!!

I will get to see the exhibition during the week when I get back...I am sure, and Lisa assures me that Cottage life will go on regardless of the fact that one wiggle elf will be missing in action somewhere 'hoing' her butt off in down town Sydney.

Hopefully, I can get internet connection somewhere there and I can keep you all informed on my antics!
Otherwise I will feel as though my arms have been cut off.

This work stuff sucks.....
See you on the dark side of the moon!


~*Rylah*~ said...


It's not faaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!!


You poor thing. I am getting a message loud and clear from somewhere that you are not meant to work - never were. But for some reason, some kind of blockage/resistance or something, you refuse to believe it, and so....

.....damn, brain fart.

Anyway, at least if you are busy busy your days might go a bit quicker... you wont be standing around waiting for a customer, I guess, like at Green Hills.

But... I'll MISS you.


*ok, tantrum over*

I wish you didn't have to do this. It is so unhealthy - moan, groan, whinge, stave-off-third-tantrum....


Anonymous said...

i,ll miss you too ....maureen

Jewell said...

well i hopes that ho-hoing in the big smoke will provide us in the sticks some very funny outlooks on lfie...if you can get to a computer that is!!!

Will miss you heaps....

Jewell said...


ok my tantrum over too


Kristy-Lee said...

Good luck Hoe.


Anonymous said...

Yes...I totally agree Rylah...I would like to think that I know that I should NEVER EVER have to work again ( any of the shitty stuff I mean....that does not include the cottage)I keep on telling the Universe...."send me the winning lotto numbers!!!!!!!!"
Maybe I should include "now"..
MMMMM...I am still waiting...

Anchell said...

POOOOOOOOOOO....thats all I have to say about that!!!!!

Bee said...

i agree with anchell,,,,

Lisa said...

what are they all whining about ?????????????????
i am the one who should be whining !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
come back NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!